Planning To Raise Millions Of Dollars? Consider These 3 Pieces of Advice

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Venturing into an endeavor that will require millions — if not hundreds of millions — of dollars in fundraising is daunting for anyone, especially in today’s economic climate. Investors, more than ever, want a “sure bet.” While can never be fully mitigated, investors will be looking for deals and people who have a clear, unfair advantage in the market and have a strong chance at security in uncertain times.

But this isn’t necessarily new news. Although things might feel more unstable than usual, investors always want reassurance that they’re making a good investment decision. The more that you’re looking to raise, the more you need to provide this sense of security to investors in order to meet your fundraising goals. Here a few key principles that can ensure more luck in conversations with

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Survey: College Students Have Big Concerns About Careers Amid COVID-19

An overwhelming 71% of students are concerned that COVID-19 will hurt their ability to begin their careers after college, a new survey by Real Estate Watch reveals.

While job availability has risen since April, the unemployment rate is still above 11% versus 3.5% in February. Due to closures from the pandemic, students are concerned about the lack of access to resume-building activities like internships (44%), networking events (41%), and relevant job opportunities (38%).

Kristen Herhold, PR editor at Clever Real Estate, a sister website to Real Estate Watch, says students fear that if they only have education on their resume and not relevant job or internship experience, they will not be able to find a job after college.

“On top of that, many networking events have been cancelled when large gatherings were restricted, so students worry they missed out on networking opportunities with potential employers,” she explains.

The findings

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