5 Ways to Feel Financially Encouraged Today

There is no magical shortcut on the road to financial independence. Intellectually, most of us know that the way to achieve lasting financial success is by living within your means. However, when you’re struggling and in the middle of a rough financial stretch, it can seem overwhelming to the point of giving up.

So in honor of National Encouragement Day, here are 5 ways to hopefully give you some FINANCIAL encouragement, no matter where you find yourself on the road to financial security.

Decide to do it (and know you can)

The first step in feeling financially empowered is to decide that you will do it. Decide to make that step. No matter where you are, decide what’s important to you and decide to make it happen. That might be creating a budget, starting an emergency fund, or deciding to open up your first retirement accountRead the rest

A Judge Asked Harvard To Find Out Why So Many Black Residents Are In Prison, Guess What They Found

When a judge tasked researchers at Harvard University to explain why Massachusetts’ Black and Latinx incarceration was so high, a four-year study came up with one conclusion: systemic racism.

In 2016, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants asked Harvard researchers to “take a hard look at how we can better fulfill our promise to provide equal justice for every litigant.”

Harvard researchers gathered the raw numbers from nearly every government agency in the state’s criminal justice system, examined the data, and researched the disparate outcomes to reach a conclusion Black and Latino men and women in the state already knew.

Harvard Law School’s Criminal Justice Policy Program found that Blacks and Latinos defendants in the state received more severe charges, harsher sentences, and less favorable outcomes than their white counterparts.

Researchers looked at more than one million cases, from the initial charges through conviction and sentencing and discovered … Read the rest

WooCommerce alternatives you can’t afford to ignore

WooCommerce is a powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress that lets you build all kinds of online stores. That’s why we chose WooCommerce to power our Ecommerce WordPress Hosting plans, complete with 40+ premium WooCommerce extensions, all included for free.

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But WooCommerce isn’t your only option for selling online. There are a bunch of other WordPress plugins that will let your customers – or your client’s customers – make purchases.

Depending on your needs, one of these WooCommerce alternatives may be better suited to the job. Here’s a selection of them worth considering for your next project:

  1. WP Easy Cart
  2. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin
  3. Magento
  4. Ecwid
  5. BigCommerce
  6. Shopify + WP Shopify
  7. Easy Digital Downloads
  8. Gumroad
  9. Vcita
  10. Jobber
  11. Memberships + LMS
  12. Form builders

Note: We’re not looking at every possible alternative to WooCommerce. We’re only listing alternatives that feel … Read the rest

How to Build the Right Mindset to Change Careers and Learn New Skills Fast

8 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There’s a reskilling revolution happening. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has spurred the evolution of how is done. Whether positioning a new brand or as an authority in the marketplace it’s critical to realize there is a new awareness of the skillsets required by both staff and clients.

Businesses large and small are rethinking the requirements of employees as well as the technology necessary to deliver products and services to clients. This awareness is driving entrepreneurs in the technology and industries to position themselves to win by offering courses specific to those skills.

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Businesses aren’t the only ones rethinking their futures. Given the significant disruption in the workforce and high rate related to COVID-19, individuals in the workforce are considering changes

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