23 Ways to Save Money on Pet Costs

Whether you’ve been a cat mom for ages or it’s your first time being a dog owner, it’s no surprise that the expenses add up. A 2019 survey revealed that nearly one out of four American pet owners have found themselves in pet debt, so being aware of pet-related spending habits is crucial for financial health. As many families welcomed new pets into their lives during the pandemic, they might be wondering how to make pet care budget-friendly.

From DIY treats to seeking out discounted toys and training programs, we wanted to round up some simple ways to save money as a pet owner. With some thinking ahead and creativity, you won’t have to jeopardize your budget to enjoy taking care of an animal companion. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for saving on pet costs, which is a serious, long-term financial commitment. With our tips, we’ll help you … Read the rest

Biden Campaign Outlines Events Targeting Black Voters

Biden For President, the official campaign website for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, outlined a slew of events over the next 50 days to reach out to Black voters.

The Biden campaign released a set of advertisements focused on Black Americans in battleground states including Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina, explaining why the Biden/Harris ticket is the best choice.

“This latest ad release shows the campaign’s continued push to reach Black voters while offering a snapshot of how different groups of Black Americans are dealing with the reality of living in Donald Trump’s America,” said Symone Sanders, a Biden senior adviser.

The campaign is also running several programs to reach out to Black voters, including its Shop Talk series, a reoccurring program featuring roundtable discussions on the challenges facing Black men across the country. The program was launched on the heels of the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin.

The … Read the rest

The 30 Best High-Paying Jobs of the Future

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This story originally appeared on Business Insider

The novel coronavirus pandemic has had a major effect on employment in nearly every industry over the past few months. However, the future of work is still looking pretty bright for medical and tech jobs, based on data and projections from the US Labor Department.

As Americans look forward to finding their next potential job, Business Insider decided to look at high-paying jobs that have bright futures ahead of them.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections program publishes estimates for job growth across hundreds of occupations. The most recent release came out this month and compares how many people worked in each occupation in 2019 with the Bureau’s projections for 2029.

We combined those job growth projections with 2019 median annual earnings for each occupation from the Bureau’s Occupational Employment Statistics program, using the geometric

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How to incorporate a business

Eureka! You have a unique idea for an endeavor that you’re passionate about or believe can meet the needs of many consumers. You have collected feedback and tested out this great idea. But before you can bring your idea to life, you need to know how to incorporate it into a business.

Having your big idea allows you to choose a business model and create a business plan that acts as the foundation for your new venture. Incorporation is a critical next step before launching a small business.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what it means to incorporate as a business entity.

We will also outline some of the most common entities for incorporation, including these formations:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Corporation
  • Professional corporation
  • Nonprofit corporation

What does it mean to incorporate a business?

How is incorporation defined?

Incorporating a business is the process of
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