3 Financial Self-Care Habits You Can Start Today

If you’re someone who struggles with financial anxiety and stress, practicing a financial self-care routine could help. Just like other areas of your life, the more consistent you are about financial self-care, the better. This is why I am emphasizing the idea of building habits. The reality is that anxiety and stress are life’s constants. We ourselves don’t have the luxury of removing those factors from our environment, but what we do have are tools to help manage and reduce them. 

Before I get into it, I want to note that there’s a pretty extensive list of financial-self care options available, but what I’ve realized is that when we are struggling, we often overcommit ourselves to perfectionism instead of trying to be a little less imperfect. I’m the first to admit that it’s really tough not to go all-in when reading advice that sounds life-changing. Often, we find ourselves trying Read the rest

Minnesota Prosecutors to Use Derek Chauvin’s History of Forcible Restraint Against Him in the George Floyd Murder Case

State prosecutors in Minnesota, who are working the case against the four police officers accused of killing George Floyd on May 25, filed a notice of intent last Thursday to cite eight other instances of forcible restraint as evidence against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, according to Law and Crime. Chauvin faces charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter in the death of Floyd. Former police officers Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kuengwere are also charged.

In a September court filing, Minnesota District Attorney Keith Ellison and Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank intend on introducing evidence of prior incidents involving restraint to prove Chauvin’s “knowledge; intent; common scene or plan; absence of a justifiable mistake, accident, misunderstanding; and state of mind at the time of the crime [against Floyd].”

The additional evidence the attorneys would like to introduce is in rebuttal to potential defense Read the rest

Nearly Half of America Hates TikTok

Despite TikTok’s rather large group of haters, is this really the time to turn our backs on laughter?

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Love it or hate it, TikTok may be here to stay. But it seems a lot of people hate it.

The clock had been running down on TikTok’s time in the United States. It looks like there’s a last-minute reprieve, with the social media platform’s parent company, ByteDance, shifting its subsidiary into a wholly US-based entity that it and Oracle will have a stake in. Putting aside the shady dealings that have gone into this outcome, TikTok’s continued existence could irk about 40 percent of the country.

Reviews.org surveyed 500 people in July about their feelings toward

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Show your pride with a .gay domain

Fifty years ago in New York City, the first “Gay Liberation Day” was organized, marking the first anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. LGBTQ people held flags, banners and heads high as they proclaimed that “Gay is Good!”

Their steps — in broad daylight, marching up New York City’s Sixth Avenue to Central Park — were monumental, instigating widespread media coverage of LGBTQ issues and bringing the modern fight for equality into the public consciousness for the first time. This event is now remembered as the first Pride parade, and to this day its legacy inspires LGBTQ people (and their allies) to bravely demand acceptance and visibility.

The launch of the new .gay domain extension is a meaningful moment in time that increases representation for LGBTQ people around the world. Furthermore, the domain breaks the mold with industry-first policies — which GoDaddy is proud to support — that fund LGBTQ … Read the rest