Investing in Gold Guide

In times of economic crisis, it makes sense to fall back on time-proven investing strategies. Gold is a standard form of investment that has proved its worth time and time again, even in unstable markets. Historically, the price of gold has remained stable compared to other investment vehicles that tend to fluctuate more drastically. And its value has held up even as worldwide currencies have fluctuated, due to more consistent prices and returns. For centuries, this precious metal’s overall beauty has been based on its varied usage, durability, and beauty.

We often hear how important it is to properly diversify our investment portfolios. Diversification can strengthen your investments — maximizing returns while reducing risk. Since gold is not affected by the same factors that might drive the price of GE stock down, for example, investing in this commodity can help stabilize your portfolio.

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9 Smart Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business (Fast)

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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a devastating economic can happen at any time. Does your have what it takes to weather the storm? Are you ?

This is the question I had to ask myself throughout recent months. I’m the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest-running talent agency in  specializing in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. My business works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies.

Despite our reputation, I found that I needed to take many steps to adjust to the pandemic’s recession. Not only has Bubblegum Casting continued to press on, but we’re stronger today than we were before COVID-19. Here’s how you can follow in our footsteps.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business Now

Recession proofing your business isn’t

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Radio Announcer Dan McNeil Fired for ‘Degrading and Humiliating’ Tweet Directed at ESPN’s Maria Taylor

Radio host Dan McNeil has been terminated due to a degrading and humiliating social media post that was directed at a ESPN reporter Maria Taylor earlier this week, according to The Chicago Tribune.

McNeil, who was working for 670 The Score in Chicago, wrote a message on Twitter directed toward ESPN’s Taylor. On Monday, in a since-deleted Tweet, the former radio host wrote “NFL sideline reporter or a host for the AVN annual awards presentation?” along with a photograph of Taylor reporting from that night’s Pittsburgh Steelers/New York Giants game.

AVN is an abbreviation for Adult Video News.

Deadspin Senior Writer Julie DiCaro captured the tweet.

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How to increase your average order value

When you have an ecommerce store you are always looking for new ways to convert customers and increase your average order value (AOV). Your AOV is pretty much what it states, the average order value of all the orders placed in your store.

By increasing your AOV you will have more revenue with the same number of customers. To calculate your average order value, tally your total revenue then divide that by the total number of orders you have received.

Total Revenue ÷ Total Number of Orders = Average Order Value


In this post, we’re going to offer you tips and strategies to encourage your customers to buy more from you than they may have initially planned.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Free shipping costs and implementation.
  • Cross-selling strategies.
  • Integrating add-ons and personalization.
  • Upsell higher tier products.
  • Creating bundles and discounts.
  • Developing a rewards/loyalty program.
  • Using time-sensitive offers.
  • Adding targeted
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