How Can the U.S. Government and Private Enterprise Work Together to Reinvent Cybersecurity?

Here are some ways that you and your business can help spark much-needed change in the cybersecurity space.

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This article was written in collaboration with Angelica Sirotin.

Never before in our modern history have the issues of safety and been more critical. The hot-button topic of cyber security vulnerabilities has mobilized a fleet of AI and entrepreneurs, who are keen on finding and implementing digital solutions to avert future crises while simultaneously mitigating current threats. 

As a result of the latest chaotic developments in the US, a whopping 67 percent of small businesses aim to boost their cybersecurity in 2020. The only way to achieve this change is to leverage the power of American ingenuity, and reinvent our

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Chance the Rapper: ‘Ask Your Mom Who to Vote For. Vote For Who She Say’ Twitter Responds

Chance the Rapper caused quite a ruckus earlier this week when he took to Twitter to try to encourage people to vote. But, the twist is, he advised people to “Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say,” prompting Twitter to respond to the rapper in ways he may have not anticipated.

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How Microsoft Office 365 can help your company go green

Why should you try to help your company go green? Perhaps a better question is, why should you care in the first place?

Tony Robbins said, “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” Regardless of how you feel about this self-help showman, the man has a point. If nothing changes in terms of how we treat our planet, we’ll be creating more problems for our children, and for the rest of the people that will come after us as well.

Now, you might be thinking, “I recycle, isn’t that enough?” Or you might even be thinking, “it’s too expensive to go green.”

The truth is there is always more that we can be doing. The good news is, thanks to the internet and further advancements in technology, it’s becoming easier and less expensive than ever to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, it may even help improve your company’s bottom line.… Read the rest

How Microlearning Can Level Up Your Knowledge

If you’re looking to advance your career or pivot to a new industry, then you’re probably checking out ways you can beef up your resume. Maybe you’re considering an MBA, a bootcamp, or browsing upcoming conferences. Or perhaps you’re considering the DIY route and looking for podcast and book recommendations. 

While any of these options will help you learn and could boost your resume, the best way to level up your career prospects is to dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong learner, which is where microlearning comes into play. 

Conferences and classes are bursting with information, but you may feel limited by the course schedule and teaching style. This works for some people, but it can be expensive and hard to fit into a budget or daily schedule. Microlearning can help you take charge of your education by providing bite-sized lessons. Over time, you can build up your learnings for Read the rest