Optimizing communication with web designers

Of course you hope to find the perfect web designer: someone with exceptional technical chops, who is also personable, responsive, detail-oriented, a great business partner, and optimally, a mind-reader who anticipates your every need.

Many pros educate clients around relationship success factors, specifying everything from preferred image formats, to allowable days, times, and methods to contact them. In addition to those expectations, I assure you, the clients who make my A-list are the ones who go above and beyond in how they plan and implement communications with me.

Read on for 10 tips to accelerate your ascension to the top of your web designer’s “Most Favored Client” list.

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1. Be forward-thinking

Certainly you’ll send content updates, but also keep your web designer informed about non-content items affecting the website. What do I mean by non-content? Each of these … Read the rest

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Better Serve Their Potential Customers

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If McKinsey & Company insights from July are any indication, consumers have rediscovered their power in the pandemic. Due to a combination of product shortages, economic and job concerns, along with a general willingness to change their purchasing behaviors, 75 percent of shoppers say they’ve behaved differently since coronavirus began spreading. In many cases, their new purchasing habits have led to exposure to unfamiliar brands.

This is a huge boon, especially for entrepreneurs trying to disrupt a market or industry. Under ordinary circumstances, getting consumers to move away from their favorite companies’ products and services can be challenging. However, with so much general uncertainty in the world, customers have become increasingly open-minded about giving untested organizations a chance to wow them.

If your startup or small business hasn’t been ocusing on , the time

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Money Moves to Make in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Reaching your twenties is an exciting milestone for most as it means you’ve officially entered adulthood. Along with that milestone comes new responsibilities and worries that we didn’t picture when our teenage selves dreamed of turning 21. We imagined our college graduation, moving into our first apartment, and launching our new career. That vision didn’t include dealing with student loan debt, taking on a low paying entry-level job, or having to confront that despite spending 4 years in college, you’re still unsure how the world of personal finance actually works.

It’s easy to dismiss it all because well you’re a 20 something, and you’ll have plenty of time to play catch up. The reality is that each decade plays an important role in our future financial health. Take the time now to learn about your money and follow the money moves outlined below to put yourself on a path of … Read the rest

‘Are Sleep Trackers Really That Accurate?’

The third in a four-part video series from the author of ‘Unstoppable’ debunks common perceptions about a widely trending lifestyle tech.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

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My exciting new video series, The Biohackers Guide to Getting Things Done In Times of Uncertainty — a complement to my books Unstoppable and The Unstoppable Journal — will show you why we’ve been looking at productivity all wrong, so you can uncover the biological and psychological triggers behind why we make excuses. The four installments will Include practical, helpful tips involving binaural beats, visualization, sleep and fitness trackers, nootropics and more so your mind is fired up and focused for whatever life throws at you.

With all of the stress that’s been piled on lately, half of the population isn’t

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Ice Cube Skipped Zoom Call With Kamala Because It ‘Wasn’t Going to Be Productive’

In a recent virtual interview, O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson explained why he decided to blow off taking part in a Zoom meeting with Sen. Kamala Harris that also included other entertainers, according to theGrio.

Ice Cube made an appearance on Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens earlier this week to give his side as to why he neglected to attend a Zoom meeting with Harris that he and other celebrities were invited to.

The show, which features Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, LisaRaye McCoy, and Syleena Johnson, had Ice Cube on as a guest and questioned why he wasn’t on the call that included the likes of D.L. Hughley, Snoop Dogg, and Killer Mike.

Jordan begins by asking Cube why wasn’t he a participant in the aforementioned Zoom call.

“Kamala Harris’ folks reached out to you and wanted you to be on this Zoom call because they thought your voice Read the rest

5 best WordPress plugins for selling digital courses

With a pandemic currently disrupting in-person learning and conference events, digital learning has taken a center stage. And with over 455 million websites using WordPress, many educators are looking to leverage their existing WordPress sites for digital learning. Luckily, there are quite a few helpful WordPress plugins for selling digital courses to help those educators out.

From former school teachers to local mom and pop business owners, it seems like everyone is getting in on the digital course train these days. And, why shouldn’t they? According to Statista, projections show the e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

Digital courses are a brilliant way to monetize your knowledge online.


In fact, as luck would have it, while researching to write this very post, an email popped into my inbox titled “12 Reasons You Need to Create a Digital Course.”

The email was … Read the rest

How to Endorse a Check to Someone Else in 4 Steps

If you owe someone, you most likely want to pay them as soon as you can. With digital banking adding your paychecks right to your bank account, you may not always have cash on you. You may also have some checks lying around that you’ve put off depositing.

To save time, you could endorse a check to someone else to pay them. This means that you sign over a check to them that was originally given to you, and they deposit it instead. We go over the four main steps for how to endorse a check to someone else below.

Step 1: Create a Plan With Your Recipient

Endorsing a check to someone else isn’t always an option, but you may be able to use this method for rent or other monthly expenses. First, talk to your recipient to ensure they’re comfortable with this payment option.

Recipients may worry about … Read the rest

How to Get More Clients When You Are a ‘Solo-preneur’

Being a “solopreneur” means wearing a lot of hats: Here’s a guide to gaining more clients.

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Have you ever thought about how the plot of a soap opera meshes into a seemingly unrelated series of stories and the characters seem to get into complex situations for no rhyme or reason? Nothing seems to make sense if you happen to miss two episodes because a villain crops up literally from thin air. 

Such bizarre twists and turns fill up the days of a solopreneur as well, who is hustling to make ends meet in her business by handling client queries at one end while filing taxes at the other. On a given day when a family member needs to be rushed to the hospital, the very same day the laptop, aka the solopreneurs virtual office, crashes. She

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