Proud Boys Member Arrested, Charged With Six Felonies

The day after President Donald Trump told a far-right, neo-fascist group known as the Proud Boys to stand by and stand ready, one of its members was arrested in Portland, Oregon, on 12 charges.

Alan Swinney was arrested on multiple felony charges Wednesday, including assault and the unlawful use of a weapon. Additionally, Swinney was charged with the unlawful use of tear gas and menacing.

A September 11 indictment alleges Swimmey, a member of the Proud Boys, used a paintball gun August 15 and again on August 22 to cause physical injury to another person and, on the latter date, pointed a revolver at someone “which placed that person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.”

Video footage also shows Swinney pointing a gun at anti-racist protestors during a rally on August 22.

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Uber will ask you for a selfie to confirm that you wear a mask

The mobility company has already made 28 million confirmations of the use of face masks for driver partners in Latin America.

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The application mobility company Uber presented a new function that forces users who have previously received reports for not wearing face masks to take a selfie in order to make their next trip.

According to a statement from the firm, feedback from drivers will help make the use of the platform safer on subsequent trips.

Animation: Uber

This implementation was initially made for driver partners in May of this year and since then there have been confirmations throughout Latin America thanks to this technology. Uber indicates that, in less than 0.6%

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What is a break-even analysis?

If you run a business of any kind, it’s important to understand the relationship between business expenses and revenue. When planning out any kind of business investment, it’s a good idea to map out the costs and expected business results and conduct a break-even analysis.

A break-even analysis helps you understand if an investment will pay off and when you can expect to turn a profit.


Keep reading to learn more about what a break-even analysis is, why it can be helpful to your business, and how to do your own break-even analysis for a new business or business expansion project.

What is a break-even analysis?

A break-even analysis is a type of analysis in which business owners or managers run the numbers to decide if a new business or a business project is going to pay for itself or break even.

A break-even analysis tells you if a
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Get Paid to Recycle While Saving the Earth and Your Wallet

To make extra cash, you normally have to put in time and effort. But what if you could make a profit off everyday items you otherwise throw away? You may think this sounds too good to be true, but you actually can! You can get paid to recycle lots of things that you put in your disposal bins. Not only are you helping the earth while recycling, but you’re also giving back to your wallet. Contributing your earnings, even if it’s a few dollars, could free up a few extra spending dollars in your budget each week.

With little effort, you could make up to hundreds, if not thousands, a year on useless items. From your empty cans to used cooking grease, you could rack up some serious side hustle earnings. Keep reading to see what trash items you could earn the most from or skip to our infographic belowRead the rest

How to Disagree the Right Way

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In 1956, a British doctor named Alice Stewart made an alarming discovery. Pregnant women who were exposed to X-rays, she found, were more likely to have children who would die from cancer. 

We know now that the radiation from X-rays is indeed harmful. But at the time, Stewart’s finding flew in the face of the accepted narrative about X-rays—that they were the paragon of modern scientific achievement, and that their use would improve lives, not harm them. 

Stewart published her findings, expecting a massive buzz. Instead, nothing happened. So set were the minds of the medical establishment that they dismissed Stewart’s assertion as unsound. But Stewart didn’t give up. Instead, she collaborated with a statistician named George Kneale, who said his job, simply, was “to prove Dr. Stewart wrong.”  In her 2012 TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan

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