How Legendary Businessman Reginald Lewis Continues to Influence Generations of Black Entrepreneurs

Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun? is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The book is about Reginald F. Lewis, the legendary entrepreneur who rocked Wall Street when his firm, TLC Group, acquired Beatrice International Foods for $985 million. The purchase in 1987 helped Lewis build the first Black-owned business to exceed the billion-dollar revenue mark. At the time it was the was the largest-ever offshore leveraged buyout. It was gigantic as TLC Beatrice International Holdings Inc. became the nation’s largest snack food, beverage, and grocery store conglomerate with a global presence.

And now, an audio version of the classic book was just released. Written by Lewis and co-author Blair S. Wall, the book was a New York Times best seller. The extraordinary exploits on the life and times of the astute, courageous, and bodacious Lewis still serve today as a source of inspiration to generations of Black entrepreneurs, including

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How to successfully integrate webinars into your sales funnel

When the COVID-19 pandemic started wreaking havoc on small business owners, all I could think about was how much I wished I had more systems in place to earn additional income. If you’re anything like me, you too have been thinking a lot about how to increase your revenue in your online business. With the continuing uncertainty of the times, it’s more important than ever to offer maximum value to our clients, while improving our bottom line. With that in mind, one of the things I’ve been researching extensively lately is the webinar sales funnel.

I believe it’s the next logical addition to my online business, and I want to share with you everything I’ve learned about how to successfully integrate webinars into your sales funnel.

Who knows? You might decide webinars make perfect sense for your business too!

The benefits of incorporating a webinar sales funnel

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Persuasion Speech Techniques In The School Classroom

Financial administration for a non-profit is as important a operate of the highest management as in the case of any for-revenue business group. Whether you’re in gross sales, leading a sales organization or the CEO of an entire firm – in the event you’re sad together with your stage of top line (sales) progress then you want to ask yourselves what you can do differently in the present day vs. what you have been doing yesterday. Being accountable not only means you’re taking duty (and ownership) for each outcome; it additionally means you might be keen to make the mandatory changes and alter direction (ie. business plan). That is one which means of braveness. A description of your organization’s high priorities and the way those translate into advertising and marketing and sales initiatives. Yang Merupakan Agen Bandarq, Domino ninety nine, Dan Bandar Poker Online Terpercaya di asia hadir untuk anda … Read the rest

3 Steps to Ensure Your Presentation Enraptures Your Audience

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are your business’s best and most impactful tool. Your ability to draw in others to engage them in your message — whether it’s about your business or otherwise — can make the difference between active or disinterested listeners.

Regardless of whether you are pitching to investors, presenting to a prospective client, or giving the annual state of the business report, how well you start your presentation will garner interest or incite boredom.  

Think about a presentation you have seen or one you’ve delivered that achieved the former, then think of your answer to this question: Why was it so effective?

You likely think of words such as: engaging, dynamic, interesting, energetic, relevant, humorous, thought-provoking, well-designed, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.  

But the real reason the presentation sizzled and had everyone

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