BLACK ENTERPRISE and American Airlines Bring Together HBCU Students for 6th Annual BE Smart Hackathon

BLACK ENTERPRISE’s 6th Annual BE Smart Hackathon, hosted by American Airlines, will be produced as a completely live-streamed, virtual experience from October 9-10, 2020. This year’s hack, “Tech Super Heroes UNITE!,” brings together teams of more than 200 students, from nearly 30 Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCUs), to compete for prizes from American Airlines and other leading technology partners supporting the event.

The BE Smart Hackathon provides HBCU students with valuable opportunities to network and build relationships, gain mentorship, engage in career preparation, and add meaningful experience to their resumes in anticipation of pursuing employment in a tech industry eager to recruit more diverse talent. Students will also benefit from virtual workshops on the latest technologies—including artificial intelligence, data analytics, and natural language processing—from key employees at Microsoft, IBM, HP, and many other tech companies.

NCA&T Hackathon Winners (Image: File)

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How to network remotely with other business owners during the pandemic

Business owners who have mastered networking already know the value of it. We attend networking meetings, Chambers of Commerce events and business after-hours events. We’ll even talk to complete strangers in coffee shops. That’s because good networking done properly can lead to new opportunities and new friendships. I’ve been a constant networker for the past 15 years, and I can’t tell you the number of introductions I’ve made to people or the opportunities that have come to me through a referral. But how do you network remotely now that COVID-19 has halted in-person gatherings?

Networking has slowed down for everyone in the last several months, but that doesn’t mean networking opportunities are lost.


Even if you’ve never tried networking yourself, or you need to find some new ways to network with other business owners during the pandemic, we can give you a few ideas.

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What to Do When You’re Fighting About Money

No matter how anyone tries to spin it, for most people, money is a really hard thing to talk about. You’d think that getting married or settling down with someone you love would make things easier, but for many couples, this is not the case. In fact, money is one of the most common causes of divorce in America.

There are many reasons couples fight about money—here are three I commonly see: 

  • Your values aren’t aligned: Do you and your partner have dis-similar values? Ultimately, values are responsible for driving your behavior… including your spending behavior. If you and your partner value different things, this may cause fights about what money is being spent on. Don’t panic if you don’t think you share similar values, because there is a way to work around this, and it’s more than likely that you have at least one or two values in
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5 Insider Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs

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Why is it that most entrepreneurs fail and very few become millionaires? Is it because the latter are connected, smarter, or just plain lucky? 

1. Get clear

Millionaire entrepreneurs know where they are going. They consciously think the thoughts and take the action required to achieve their goals. They understand that a lot of success is boring and mundane and they develop skills that allow them to persevere regardless of outside circumstances. They also understand that to achieve a goal, you must get really clear on what you say “yes” to and what you say “no” to. And with every “yes,” there is an inherent “no” to something else. 

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2. Elevate your Worth Barometer 

Early in my career, it became very clear that some millionaire entrepreneurs

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