President Trump Calls Kamala Harris ‘A Monster’ After VP Debate

Following her debate performance against Mike Pence, President Trump twice called Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris “a monster.”

“This monster that was onstage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night, by the way. This monster, she says, ‘no no, there won’t be fracking,’ there won’t be this. Everything she said is a lie,” Trump said during a phone interview on Fox Business.

Trump’s attack came less than a day after the vice presidential debate Wednesday night. Many felt Harris, the first Black and South Asian woman to be the vice-presidential nominee of a major political party, did well, highlighting the president’s coronavirus response and its effect on the economy.

In the past, Trump has called Harris “very nasty” and said she was “disrespectful” toward Joe Biden during the Democratic primaries.

Throughout Trump’s four years as president, he has made disparaging statements about other strong women … Read the rest

9 elements of an effective sales landing page

An effective sales landing page is essential if you are selling products or services online. The content and elements of a landing page can be the difference between an interested prospect clicking out of your website or continuing on to buy from you.

So, what elements can you add to a landing page to draw in readers and convert them into paying consumers?

How to create an effective sales landing page

This post will share the elements of an effective sales landing page, including the layout and content elements that are most likely to resonate with audiences.

It’s important to note that there is no exact landing page formula that will work for every audience, brand, product or service.

You can start with landing page best practices, but you will need to tweak formulas to find the format that works best for your unique offering and business. To find the … Read the rest

The Financial Rebound: Money After COVID

The events of 2020 have exacerbated just how unequal our society is when it comes to racial and economic equality, with communities of color still facing numerous obstacles on their path to financial security.

For Black Americans, long-standing racial inequities have made the financial impact of COVID-19 even more extreme. According to the Pew Research Center, in May, 44% of Black Americans reported that they or someone in their household experienced a job or wage loss due to COVID-19, compared to 38% of white Americans.

And it’s not just about unemployment. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, patterns across gender, race, and immigration status reveal that Black business owners have experienced the largest losses during COVID-19, eliminating 41% of Black-owned businesses.

We recognize that we can’t fix the systemic racism that’s rooted so deeply in our financial institutions, but we sincerely believe that the right technology … Read the rest

4 Tips for Tapping Into the Niches Created by Covid-19

Even during a global pandemic, there is still room for growth for businesses willing to adapt to customer needs and desires.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented downturns and uncertainty in markets worldwide, but the negative effects of the disease have not been distributed evenly. Even as shuttered their doors for good, became the first company in history to reach a $2 trillion valuation. 

Your company might not have Apple’s level of resources at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean that growth is impossible. As the pandemic has torn a path of destruction across the globe, it’s also created opportunities for companies to step in and address new needs along the way. Here are some of the niches created by

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