Obama Acknowledges Los Angeles Lakers and Seattle Storm For Their Championship Wins and Praises Social Justice Stand From Players

The No. 1 sports fan of the United States made sure to acknowledge the championships that were won by the current NBA champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the current WNBA champions, the Seattle Storm. He also made mention of the racial justice stance that many professional basketball players of both leagues have taken with all the civil unrest due to the protesting of police brutality and racism against people of color. Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to state how proud he is of the players for encouraging civic participation.

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Advanced ecommerce features to consider for your online store

Starting an online store is just the beginning. Once you get into the groove of marketing your store and handling orders, it’s time to consider adding advanced ecommerce features, so you can sell more products and increase your profits.

In this post, we’re going to cover advanced e-commerce features you should consider adding to your store.

Advanced e-commerce features to consider

Going beyond the basics and adding advanced features to your store will help you improve your customers’ experience and sell more products. Here are seven advanced e-commerce features to consider adding to your online store.

  1. Reporting tools
  2. Integrated blog
  3. Abandoned cart recovery
  4. Advanced search and filtering options
  5. Mobile-optimized checkout
  6. Integrated social media and SEO
  7. Video or 3D product demos

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Budgeting for the Holidays

Fall is here, the time where our collective attention usually shifts to the holidays. Whether it’s making travel accommodations, planning for parties, or shopping for gifts, October usually marks the start of a holiday marathon that doesn’t end until New Year’s Day. 

This year, we have bigger issues on our plate. 

With COVID-19 and the November election dominating almost everybody’s attention, it’s entirely possible that you haven’t started budgeting for the holidays. It’s also possible that this year, you have a lot less money to budget. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you get through the rest of the year in one piece. 

Talk about the Holidays Beforehand  

If you’ve never had to discuss your gift plan before, now is a perfect time to start. Financial insecurity is more common than ever before, and other people are likely in the same boat. 

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Why an Adaptive Mindset Matters for Entrepreneurs

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How can leaders develop an adaptive mindset during this ongoing crisis?

In writing his book The Practice of Adaptive : Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World, author Ronald Heifetz describes adaptive leadership using the below analogy. He writes:

“We use the metaphor of ‘getting on the balcony’ above the ‘dance floor’ to depict what it means to gain the distanced perspective you need to see what is really happening.” 

You’re probably thinking, right. Easier said than done.

Achieving any kind of distance from current events seems unfeasible, even silly.

Every day, we face new struggles and challenges. And yet, Heifetz’s words ring more true than ever. As the founder of , a company with over 250 employees, I can’t remain paralyzed by uncertainty, and I’m sure most leaders are feeling

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