Four policy pillars that will encourage online micro-businesses

As the U.S. rides out the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic storm, one often overlooked group has emerged as critical ballast for local communities: online micro-businesses.

As stay-at-home orders crippled economies, 44% of these micro-businesses moved more of their business to the internet, ramping up their e-commerce efforts and other digital offerings. By the end of July, less than 2% of them had closed permanently. It’s little surprise then that communities with more micro-businesses lost fewer low-income jobs at the peak of the crisis

These results come from the Venture Forward initiative, a multiyear research project that looks at the economic impact of the 20 million websites with domain names registered with GoDaddy. Three-quarters of these ventures are commerce-driven micro-businesses. The rest are community, civic or hobby-based sites.

Working with academic partners, Venture Forward has found:

  • Micro-businesses create jobs. Economists at UCLA Anderson Forecast determined that there’s a causal impact between
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New Feature Alert! Refinance Your Mortgage with Rocket Mortgage in Mint

Interest rates, especially on mortgage loans, have gotten a lot of buzz this year and with good reason. They’ve reached historically low levels leaving homebuyers and homeowners alike wondering the best way to capitalize on these low rates. Let’s face it, buying a home is an exciting and draining process which explains why we might cringe a little when we think of going through it all again to refinance. It conjures up images of digging through old tax returns, trying to find statements for accounts we forgot we had, and signing a million forms at closing before we’re finally handed the keys.

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How Remote Work Presents New Data-Driven Business Opportunities in Latin America

As Latin American businesses increasingly come online, here’s a look at some of the biggest opportunities to keep an eye on.

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Over the past few years, consumers in have shifted to buying online due to a rise in internet access and smartphone usage. By 2025, 79 percent of all mobile connections in Latin America are expected to be via smartphones. From 2016-2018, the region was the fastest growing in the world for Uber, Netflix, and , according to a white paper by DHL and the Panama Ministry of Commerce. The global health crisis is now accelerating this on an unprecedented scale. Over the past few months, more consumers have shifted their shopping and payment behaviors towards online channels, and companies are investing heavily in digital infrastructure to support the demand. 


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