How tiny Fairfield, Iowa, became a micro-business capital

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Jim Masterson had to figure out how to massage a horse online.

For more than a decade, Masterson and his wife, Conley, have been the go-to experts for equine performance bodywork.

If your show horse got sore after a jumping competition, you could attend a workshop with a Masterson instructor to learn how to release the horse’s muscle tension through the unique Masterson Method.

The pandemic put a stop to the instructor visits and forced the Mastersons to think creatively about their business model and the horses they’ve dedicated their lives to helping.

Fortunately, they had access to an entire community of creative and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Based in the Corn Belt city of Fairfield, Iowa, the Mastersons are part of an entrepreneurial Shangri-La. The 10,425-person city, about 115 miles southeast of Des Moines, is home to a large number of small, internet-based micro-businesses that are … Read the rest

National Get Smart About Credit Day

Depending on the time period in which you were raised, many young children and adolescents had differing opinions (and ideals) about what credit was and how it should or shouldn’t be utilized. While some were privileged enough to understand the complexities and importance of credit, others had to learn at the expense of their own mistakes along the way. No matter where you were or where you are currently, luckily there are always actionable steps that can be taken to clean up, improve, and get smart about your credit – let’s explore. 

Become familiar with what can impact your credit 

There are five key components that are factored into your credit score. 

Payment history 

Your ability to make timely payments plays a huge role in your credit score. Lenders want to have the confidence that you as the borrower are capable of paying back any debts on time. Read the rest

Twitter Fake Accounts Removed Due to Posing as Black Trump Supporters

Social media giant Twitter has removed a select group of fake accounts that were pretending to be owned by Black supporters of President Donald Trump, according to The Hill.

As we get closer to the presidential election, the attempt to sway Black people to vote for Donald Trump has been ramped up as the support among Blacks is very low. Darren Linvill posted on his Twitter account that he helped work on the piece that revealed the fake Black Twitter accounts.

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Why Michael Jordan Proves Passion Must Precede Leadership

Michael Jordan’s passion for winning, not his love of basketball, drove his leadership style.

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As an ‘80s kid growing up in West Michigan, it’s not surprising that I was a fan of the Chicago Bulls. It seemed like everyone in the world was. For us West Michiganders, the Pistons were all the way in , all the way on the other side of the state. Chicago was literally just around the corner. We liked the Pistons too, but the Bulls were just so much more exciting. They were a worldwide phenomenon. Who didn’t like ? What kid didn’t want to “Be Like Mike”? I didn’t know any.

On the heels of the success of ’s documentary, The Last Dance, The NBA recently announced a 10-part podcast, Beyond The Last Dance,

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