CSAM: A good month to discuss website security with clients

Cybersecurity Awareness Month isn’t a marketing gambit. Now in its 17th year, CSAM is a collab between government agencies and industry leaders, created to raise awareness and provide resources to further a safer internet. People like web designers and developers should look at CSAM as an opportunity to discuss website security with clients.

It’s a conversation that many of us in this creative sphere aren’t keen on having.

Some might argue that, technically, website security isn’t their problem. (They already delivered the thing.) But it’s important to understand that low-hanging fruit supports an ecosystem where bad actors can thrive. We don’t need them trashing up the internet, a place where everyone is already hustling to make a living.

Web professionals should make sure clients understand what website security is, the risks that are out there, and who’s handling what.

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3 Under-the-Radar Innovations Taking on Covid-19’s Most Daunting Challenges

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The pandemic has posed an array of challenges to virtually every industry, but the medical community especially has become exhausted by the overwhelming number of cases. To meet the burdening demands of the pandemic, thousands of medical startups and companies have refocused their attention to develop new products capable of tackling the most burdensome issues. Others have addressed the less emergent yet critical challenges standing in the way of the world’s fight to win back normalcy. 

Whether testing or protecting the medical staff fighting valiantly to save lives, public and private sectors are working together on the frontlines of the pandemic. Here are three companies to keep an eye on that are providing a boost in both areas overlooked and areas most regarded in med tech during Covid-19.

Hunting for Covid-19 infections

Testing for COVID-19 has

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How to Maximize Credit Cards Rewards Without Hurting Your Credit

There are many different credit cards out there, and consumers have a seemingly infinite array of payment choices. Banks know this, and so many banks offer rewards for using their credit cards. Banks and other financial institutions want their card to be at the top of your wallet, and they offer incentives to keep it there.

The world of credit card rewards

There are three main types of credit card rewards that you might take advantage of when using a card to make purchases.

  • Signup bonus — Many cards offer an initial welcome offer for opening and being approved for a new card. You might get 60,000 airline miles after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days of having the card.
  • Rewards for ongoing purchases — In addition, you’ll earn rewards for each of your purchases. Some cards offer a specific amount for all purchases, while others give higher rewards
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‘The Biohackers Guide to Getting Things Done In Times of Uncertainty’ Episode 1: ‘Why You Really Procrastinate’

The first in a four-part video series from the author of ‘Unstoppable’ breaks down eight triggers hijacking your focus.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

My exciting new video series, The Biohackers Guide to In Times of Uncertainty — a complement to my books Unstoppable and The Unstoppable Journal — will show you why we’ve been looking at productivity all wrong, so you can uncover the biological and psychological triggers behind why we make excuses. The four installments will Include practical, helpful tips involving binaural beats, visualization, sleep and fitness trackers, nootropics and more so your mind is fired up and focused for whatever life throws at you.

Your excuses are a symptom, not the cause of your procrastination. For many of us, we’ve

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Tyler Perry is Funding a $500,000 Effort To Mobilize Black Voters In Florida

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry is flexing his financial muscle into Florida politics to help target Black voters in the battleground state ahead of the upcoming Nov. 3 presidential election, according to BET.

Perry is helping to fund a $500,000 mobilization effort in Florida that will be targeting Black voters in the key battleground state. The philanthropist has partnered with a nonpartisan Florida organization, the Equal Ground Education Fund, to help it increase engagement among Black voters in the southern state. The initiative, “Park & Praise,” will target 25 counties and around 250,000 Black residents in urban areas that will include Broward and Miami-Dade County.

They’ve made an announcement on their Facebook page about the initiative.

“Equal Ground is excited about our partnership with many partners, Florida Churches, and civic organizations who are making intentional strides and contributions to turn Black voters out ahead of the election. Our top [priority] Read the rest