Webform security best practices for small businesses

As a small business owner or manager, you are responsible for your customers’ email addresses, phone numbers and billing addresses the second they type the information into a form on your website. This type of data — known as personally identifiable information (PII) — is in high demand among hackers, which is why it’s important to implement webform security best practices on your small business website.

What do hackers do with PII?

Hackers don’t usually have a direct interest in your customers’ PII. Instead, they profit when they sell the data on the dark web (also known as the online black market) for a median price of $21.35 per record.

For example, a hacker can tap into a rental property manager’s database to extract credit card information. The going rate to destroy someone’s credit or steal their identity is less than $25.

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16 Ways to Pay for College Without Loans and Debt

Whether you’re planning a career change or shopping for your high school graduation outfit, you’re likely facing some kind of cost barrier when considering college. You’re probably aware that college costs continue to rise. In fact, in-state tuition has increased 212 percent in the last 20 years.

This huge increase in tuition is not mirrored in U.S. wages, as the minimum wage has increased twice in the last 23 years, from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour — where it’s sat for the last 11 years. Average wages as a whole have only increased by 56 percent in the same time, leaving students to rely on federal and private loans to cover the costs. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to pay for college without loans. 

While some debt may be unavoidable, you’re better off getting as much of your tuition covered through other means. This way you have fewer payments Read the rest

How Ms. Bling Pursued Her Passion and Built a Thriving Business

Pascale Rowe, also known as Ms. Bling, stepped out on faith when she left her career at American Express. Making a respectable $70,000 annually as a sales rep for the company, Bling decided it was time to leave behind her financial security, benefits, and 401(k). Born of Haitian descent, Bling developed a brand, social identity, and more importantly a business utilizing social media as her main marketing tool.

A failed marriage and negative bank account provided Bling with the determination she needed to find a way to succeed. “I was a wreck,” says Bling. I had no idea how I would turn my passion into profit, but I knew that I would not give up.”

For 125 years, Swarovski has been producing its precision-cut crystals seen across entertainment, fashion, and design. Bling saw an opportunity in the market to use a well-known brand in her designs that catered to … Read the rest