Micro-businesses hold steady in the storm

Theresa Delaney started her events business, Creative Kind, as a way to bring people together for a few hours of DIY arts and crafts. She loved the in-person experience and never wanted to be an internet entrepreneur. But since the COVID-19 crisis forced her to close her doors in Tucson, Arizona for a few months, she’s been on a forced march to the web. And that has saved her business. 

Today, she and her business partner, Hilari Ross, offer Zoom-based versions of their workshops, on topics such as apron painting and macrame. They’ve also opened an improved online store to sell the 5,000 or so products they stock from local artists, including things like greeting cards, notebooks and puzzles, each of which they photograph and then upload to their site.

“It was definitely a big to-do to move everything online. But we’re very adaptable people. We’re going to be okay,”

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5 Cards That Will Pay for Your Cell Phone if (When?) You Break It

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A luxury when they were first introduced decades ago, cell phones have become a ubiquitous part of life. And along with a phone in every pocket comes the worry about replacing it if it breaks. While cell phone insurance was not as big a market when phones were simpler and less expensive, it has become much more common with cell phones costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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Good Is the New Cool When It Comes to a Successful Brand

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Afdhel Aziz is a thought leader, writer, speaker, consultant and board advisor with 20 years of experience working as a visionary marketer at companies like Procter & Gamble, Nokia, and Absolut Vodka. Despite creating world-class pop partnerships with everyone from Lady Gaga to the TED Conferences, he felt there was more he could be contributing to society. 

This search inspired him to co-write Good is the New Cool: Market Like You A Give a Damn. The book’s success led Aziz to quit his job and follow his own purpose. Now he is on a mission to help companies and individuals find purpose and meaning in their work and in their lives. 

An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Aziz is also the co-founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Conspiracy of Love. The purpose consultancy supports

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CEOs Share How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome Through Faith and Action

Impostor Syndrome is an internal experience of believing that you aren’t as competent as others perceive you to be. It severely affects people looking to transition. As we strive to transition from one area of life to another a little voice tells us we can’t do it. But for Black people, Impostor Syndrome is a way of life. We receive daily reminders that we don’t belong anywhere through microaggressions at work, cold shoulders at networking events or on the golf course, police encounters, etc.

In addition to feeling inadequate and/or isolated, being the only Black individual in a department or company can make overcoming this obstacle even harder. Yet, there is hope. Here are five ways to overcome Impostor Syndrome:

  1.  Remember that God is with you

Whenever you look to transition you may feel alone. But you’re not. God is with you.

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