Avoiding Investor Mistakes

Many new investors have started investing, either through a traditional securities brokerage or with one of the new “app” based brokerage firms. No matter how long you’ve been an investor, or whichever firm you choose to buy your investment from, investor mistakes occur.

Mistakes generally fall into six categories. We’re going to break down what these categories are and how to avoid these mistakes.

Don’t just look at the short term 

Short term performance is speculative. It’s long term performance that tells the complete story of an investment. While we may be tempted to invest in something that has had good short term performance, longer-term performance measures such as total return (capital gain plus dividends) are better indicators of an investment. While past performance is no guarantee of success, it is often all we have to go on.

Review the financials of the company you want to invest in and … Read the rest

Walmart and North Carolina A&T State University Launch New Education Initiative For Black STEM Grads

Walmart is teaming up with the country’s largest HBCU institution, North Carolina A&T State University, to make a difference for Black graduates and professionals working in STEM. The two announced their collaboration for the launch of the Equity in Education Initiative.

Walmart will be investing $5 million into the new program with the goal of increasing the number of Black graduates in the fields of engineering, business, and other professional disciplines. The initiative will include scholarship support, leadership counseling workshops, and support academic performance.

“We applaud Walmart’s commitment to the Equity in Education program, allowing us to bring the Black Male Initiative to a broader group of N.C. A&T students,” says Crystal E. Ashby, interim president and CEO of The Executive Leadership Council, in a press statement on the company website.

“We designed the Black Male Initiative with a specific intent of investing in and changing the trajectory … Read the rest

5 Reasons to Stop Trying to Fit In

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We’re all born with this innate desire to be accepted. To fit in.

The trouble is… when you try too hard to fit in, you lose a part of yourself in the process.

And what the world needs most is for you to be you – bold, unapologetic, thoughtful, creative, take-the-world-by-storm you.

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Standing out is lonely. It’s awkward. It’s scary. But you have to be different to make a difference. I’ve never been someone who fit in very easily. I’ve always pushed the limits, took risks, and gone after whatever the heck I wanted.

When I was in grade school, I worried about fitting in.  But trying to be like everyone else made me unhappy. I wasn’t like everybody else. Instead of playing with dolls and

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How to write and use a unique selling proposition

When customers have a choice between two offerings, they need something that drives them to choose one option over another. That thing is a unique selling proposition (USP).

Whether customers realize it or not, they use unique selling propositions to decide what to buy and who to buy from. When shopping for a new laptop, someone who values price may choose a more affordable option over a high-performance, high-price product. Or, a health-conscious customer shopping for new makeup may choose a brand that is all-natural versus a brand that uses chemicals in its products.

Customers use unique selling propositions to decide what to buy, so brands must use USPs to show customers why they should buy from them.

Let’s look deeper into what USPs are, why they are important and how to write a unique selling proposition that will attract and keep customers.

What is a unique selling proposition?

A … Read the rest

Understanding Debt Settlement Letters

If you’re unable to pay back a large amount of debt, you might be interested in learning more about debt settlement. Debt settlement works to negotiate with your creditors to forgive all or part of your debt. Throughout this process, communication is usually done with written letters. Written letters work best to convey the clear and detailed terms you have for your creditor.

A debt settlement letter is a written proposal for you to offer a specific amount of money in exchange for forgiveness of your debt. These letters address why you’re unable to pay the debt, how much you’re willing to pay now, and what you would like from the creditors in return. Working through the proposal is how both parties determine the terms and agreements of the debt settlement exchange.

What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is the meticulous process of negotiating terms with your creditors, in hopes … Read the rest

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

At six years old, Michael Judson Berry began his acting career by playing a prince in a local production of The King and I. He went on to receive a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University and an MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He toured the country in the national tour of Monty Python’s Spamalot, worked in casting agencies in Los Angeles and New York and completed a feature film. No matter the task, Berry is not afraid to take risks – even when it’s uncomfortable.  

During Covid quarantine, Berry stepped out of his comfort zone once again and brought his comedic acting skills to TikTok to bring joy to people all around the world. His impressions of Catherine O’Hara’s Schitt’s Creek character have gone

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16-Year-Old Emory Pruitt Becomes Clark Atlanta University’s Youngest Student

A teen from Tennessee has made history by becoming the youngest student to be accepted to Clark Atlanta University when she was just 15 years old.

The university announced that Emory Pruitt, who hails from Hendersonville, TN, has enrolled as a student at the university for fall 2020, making her one of the youngest students in the HBCU’s history and the youngest one in recent memory.

The young woman graduated from her high school early with a 3.7 GPA. Yet, her path to college was marked by challenges. Pruitt said adversity and racism in her hometown high school didn’t deter her from chasing her dream. “It actually was the dedication and my family that pushed me each day,” said Pruitt, who is now 16. “I should thank the people that doubted me; that just made me work even harder.”

Emory’s mother, Karen Pruitt, had enrolled her daughter in online classes … Read the rest

Real-life advice to make the most of increased digital holiday traffic

Online traffic and shopping have skyrocketed in 2020 due to the pandemic and brick and mortar closures. And as the holidays approach, this trend will continue as we begin to see increased digital holiday traffic.

In August, online sales increased 42%, year over year, and consumers spent $63 billion, according to Adobe Digital Economy Index. To give you an idea of just how much more online shopping we’re doing, in 2019, there were only two $2 billion days outside the holiday season.

As of August, there were 130 days that passed that milestone.

Experts say holiday shopping will start earlier than ever this year, with some large brands already teasing Black Friday and other deals. Data from Google shows that 75% of U.S. shoppers plan to shop more online this holiday season than in the past. A recent LivePerson survey of more than 2,600 international consumers found that more … Read the rest