Ecommerce trends in a COVID world

As COVID-19 leaves us scrambling to piece together a new normal, in-person shopping is becoming less of a reliable source of revenue for merchants and service providers.

Indeed, recent data from TechCrunch indicates that department store purchases are expected to decline 60% in 2020, while online buying increases 20% the same year.

Those statistics should be sobering for the brick-and-mortar crowd, even as some might insist traditional surges like Black Friday can keep the lights on. However, our own research suggests otherwise.

According to original statistics from GoDaddy, 52% of people shopped in a physical store on Black Friday in 2019, yet only 30% expect to this year​.

For web professionals like designers and developers, it’s a signal to expand the offerings. Even if ecommerce is unfamiliar terrain, it’s time to get familiar with the trends, and then have a discussion with clients about adding a space to manage transactions … Read the rest

Author Celebrates Black Family Life in Book Series

According to organizations like We Need Diverse Books, there are more children’s books featuring
animals and other non-human characters than all types of visible minorities combined. These staggering
statistics mean more than 70 % of all the children’s books feature white children or animals.

Allyson Ward Neal experienced the reality of these statistics in 2009, when she went searching for
picture books for her soon-to-be-born daughter at her local bookstore. She was shocked to find that
there were no picture books featuring black children or families. Her first thought was to raise
awareness about the lack of diverse books, but as a published author, she decided instead to make a
difference. And from her resolve, the Ava Books children’s book series was launched. “I wrote my first
book before my daughter Ava was born and I put my heart into creating a story with images that would
demonstrate my … Read the rest