10 tactics to turn impulse shopping into stone-cold sales

This article was originally published on Nov. 13, 2019. It was updated on Nov. 5, 2020.

Impulse shopping is a phenomenon among digital consumers that’s only increased as we continue to stay at home and glued to our screens. You’ve likely experienced this scenario, you’re on your tablet or laptop and perhaps get distracted by an ad. Next thing you know, you’re considering buying a fun new item—because why not? You’re not alone; recent reports show impulse spending increased 18% during the pandemic.

The increase in online retail activity due to COVID-19 only further adds to impulse shopping. A new study found that more than one-third of consumers shop online weekly, a 28% increase from pre-pandemic rates. Another survey concluded similar results, estimating the impulse shopping industry reached nearly $45 billion this past year.

Ecommerce businesses can increase revenue by designing and optimizing sites that cater to impulse shoppers, especially

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How Do Negative Interest Rates Work? What They May Mean for Your Wallet

Imagine a world where the bank pays you to take out a loan. This is what’s known as a negative interest rate, and while it may seem counterintuitive at first, it can have economic benefits in a struggling economy. So, how do negative interest rates work?

During an economic downturn, banks may turn to negative interest rates as a way to encourage borrowers to keep spending. Even though these interest rates are below zero for the Federal Reserve, it may not mean the same for individual borrowers. This blip in the system could benefit your finances, but it could hurt them as well — here’s how.

What Are Negative Interest Rates?

Negative interest rates earn you interest payments on your loans and charge you interest on money saved. Interest rates were created to earn you money on your savings and charge you for money borrowed. With negative interest rates, … Read the rest

Dr. Rashae Kapree Barnes On Her Transition From Educator to Media Entrepreneur

Dr. Rashae Kapree Barnes received her Ed.D. in educational leadership and supervision from Virginia State University at 28, becoming the youngest scholar to receive her degree from the university. In addition, Rashae also earned a master’s in media management. The Coatsville, PA, native was determined to create a new path and leave a legacy for her family.

Barnes began her career as an English teacher but soon began to gravitate toward her passion for media and entertainment. “I’ve actually worked in the media and entertainment industry for over 10 years but I was juggling my career in education, career, and freelancing with media,” says Barnes.

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Now Is a Great Time to Start Your Own Business

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In the midst of uncertainty and turmoil, ingenuity has still managed to thrive, with Americans starting new businesses at the fastest rate in over a decade. 3.2 million people have filed for a application in 2020, up from 2.7 million at the same point in 2019.

These “covidpreneurs” give me hope.

These entrepreneurs show us that the – the freedom to start something out of nothing and pursue your own personal passion – is still alive and well.

There are certainly more obstacles that may exist today than there were prior, but starting a business is always challenging.  If the pandemic is the main thing that’s holding you back from starting a business right now, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t.

Why now is actually a great time to start a

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