Take your school to the top of the class with a .college domain name

Everything about your school’s online presence starts with your domain name. It’s the address of your institution online — make it stand out with a .college domain name.

Your domain is the name that students, faculty and alumni will need to recall in order to easily find your school online.

To attract the best and brightest students to your institution in today’s connected world, it is crucial that your school stands out to them in this way. Many students’ first stop will be researching online when choosing their ideal educational fit.

Schools that have an inviting and memorable online presence have an advantage when appealing to prospective students.


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How a .college domain name drives students to your website

Besides winning the race to attract top students, institutions must adapt to the rapid expansion … Read the rest

The Future of Money: 6 Key Predictions

We all rely on money in our everyday lives. Currency is simply a system for trading human time, and most people probably don’t question it. It’s easy to forget just how much our money usage as a society has evolved in the past few decades. After all, online banking only started gaining traction in the late 1990s.

When was the last time you considered the history and the future of money? The rise of electronic banking and digital currencies could be evidence that we’re moving towards becoming a cashless society. It’s fascinating to consider the potential of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With more than 3,000 digital currencies out there, it’s an area full of both opportunity and controversy.

When we actively consider the possibilities of the future of money, it might provide us with a fresh perspective on our own personal financial circumstances. Maybe awareness of how money is evolving can … Read the rest

Alabama Police Captain Says Biden Voters Need ‘A Bullet In Their Skull For Treason’

An Alabama police captain has been placed on administrative leave after he posted threatening statements on his social media account regarding people who voted for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

According to WKRG, Flomaton Police Captain Scott Walden placed the following statement on his Facebook page, “They need to line up ev1 of them and put a bullet in their skull for treason.”

After the post went viral, Walden later deleted it and posted a follow-up trying to deflect from his original statement.

“Well apparently someone, and I know who you are as well as the others jumping on the ‘gonna get them fired ‘ train is circulating a comment I made about TREASON. The comment even says TREASON but someone has run rampant saying I was meaning liberal n Democrats. Well #1 I don’t care who you vote for, #2 the comment was about treason and what Read the rest

Virtual Event Planning May Present New Opportunities for Software Developers

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When’s the next time you’ll go to a concert, trade show or conference? For most of us, it is realistically looking like at least not until the end of next year, when we might get a vaccine and it can be widely manufactured and spread. While the shock of this pandemic moved many of us into working from home and Zoom meetings, those annual industry events that we’d all attend were completely forgotten, with many being canceled or postponed and others scrambling to create some kind of lackluster virtual event.

But the show must go on. Literally. We need to make virtual events doable, scalable and impactful and engaging.

Given that it might be more than a year until we can do these things in-person safely, we need solutions and we need them yesterday.

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