Getting WordPress accessibility right every time

In this day and age, it’s imperative web professionals like designers and developers ensure the websites they create are accessible.

For the uninitiated, this basically means doing everything within your power to ensure the broadest spectrum of global internet users can enjoy whatever your client’s website has to offer.

Many of us have the luck and privilege of never needing to consider the accessibility of the websites we browse. We just fire up our laptops or smartphones, head to Google, and plug in our search. But you would be amazed at the vast array of hurdles that thousands of people all around the world have to overcome to surf the web.

Most notably:

  • Disabilities
  • Poor health
  • Old age
  • Poverty
  • A lack of access to a fast internet connection

This is why you, as a website manager for your own site or clients, should take it upon yourself to combat issues … Read the rest

How to Build Community Wealth

Most of us know the benefit of eating locally grown foods – they are fresh, full of nutrients, and contribute to our overall health and wellness. So, what about nourishing our financial wellness while also fueling our local economies? Community ownership is a rewarding way to build financial health.

Community investing can earn returns for investors while putting those dollars to work locally to support growing Main Street businesses and providing job opportunities in the process. Investing outside of Wall Street allows us to direct our investment dollars towards challenges that need solving closer to home. There is no doubt our communities would look quite different if even a small portion of our investments were made within our own neighborhoods. Let’s take a look at how to make that possible:

Public market vs Private market investments

When we hear the term “public markets” it means investments that are available to … Read the rest

To Make Big Gains, Startups Need to Remember These 5 Things

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Ancient philosophers and armchair psychiatrists alike have come to one resounding conclusion over the millennia: Simplicity is a virtue that leads to a more meaningful existence and sharper clarity of purpose. This applies on all levels — individual and collective, personal and professional, and avocation.

Consider a study recently performed by consultancy firm Heidrick and Struggles, which found that the most successful companies in the world (called “superaccelerators”) achieved that status partly due to a commitment to simplicity. Every superaccelerator emphasized the strategic importance of simplicity in its culture and operating model. Not surprisingly, these organizations have higher-performing teams and revenues as a result.

Entrepreneurs obviously have big ideas and like to solve complex problems, but that mindset can be detrimental at times. Incremental improvements aren’t emphasized when the scope is always big-picture, which hampers

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