Employee Roundup: Ways to Creatively and Safely Celebrate the Holidays this Year

2020 has been an unprecedented and challenging year for many of us. I had my first child this year and it’s difficult coming to terms that her first Christmas just won’t be the big event we’d all love it to be. But one thing I do believe is it’s an opportunity to create a new kind of memory, one that will stand out from all the other years and hopefully make the best of it.

Last year, I was too pregnant to travel which meant it was just my husband and me at home. He didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas (which is what my family celebrates) and while he enjoys the spirit of the holiday and the family gatherings, the gift-giving and traditions just don’t mean as much to him. To find a way to make it fun and a little different, and take the pressure off him a bit, … Read the rest

10-Year Old Boy Buys 100 Sleeping Bags, Socks and Food For the Homeless

Ethan Hill, a 10-year old boy from Alabama, is being applauded for his efforts of giving back to the community by helping the homeless. He recently purchased 100 sleeping bags and food for the homeless in Birmingham.

For two years, Ethan has been helping the homeless every holiday season by giving sleeping bags and care packages. In his third year in doing so, Ethan is trying to make sure he could get to help more homeless people so he set a goal of buying 100 $10 sleeping bags.

Ethan and his family set up a fundraising campaign on Facebook to raise funds for the homeless. It has so far raised over $6,500.

His advocacy caught the attention of the City of Birmingham and Mayor Randall Woodfin, who described his efforts as “servant leadership at its finest,” he wrote on Twitter.

Moreover, Academy Sports and Outdoors reached out to Ethan and … Read the rest

How to Keep Your Team Energized During the Holidays

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This year, the holidays are different from any other that we have had in the past. Many families have been quarantined together all year long, struggling to balance the lines between work and home. Being on calls, virtual meetings, and attending online conferences, while feeding small children and pets is exhausting. Work feels like it is never-ending, and many are struggling with burn out. We all are due for a much-needed time off — to properly be strengthened as individuals, and as a .

As 2020 ends and 2021 feels uncertain (work circumstances, vaccines, etc.), here are a few ways you can help your teams’ recharge and enter 2021 feeling refreshed and ready to handle any new (or old) challenge that comes.

Incentivizing health and wellness during the holiday season 

Balance is the name of

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Seahawk: PSD-to-WordPress specialists

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

We are Seahawk, based in Boston and New Delhi. Our company specializes in marketing and WordPress professional services. We’ve been GoDaddy Pro partners since the program first launched.

The co-founders of Seahawk, Ryan and Gautam, met through the GoDaddy Pro program. Gautam won the GoDaddy India award for Bijness Bhai, which caught Ryan’s attention. They met and quickly started working together.

Today, Seahawk is a 50+ person company dedicated to helping brands around the world with their marketing.

What’s the elevator pitch for your business? Describe what you do.

Seahawk is a marketing and WordPress services company for brands around the world. We help brands build custom websites through our PSD-to-WordPress conversion process and offer a wide range of marketing services. Seahawk also operates professional service departments for large enterprises.

What inspired you to start your business? How Read the rest