The 5 Best Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Change has to start somewhere, and for many people that change is easier to make if the starting point has some meaning. It can be a birthday, an anniversary, or any other date with some symbolic weight. Most commonly, people choose the beginning of the new year.

If you’re looking for some New Year’s resolutions that will truly change your life, consider adjusting your financial strategy. Here are five things you can do in 2021 to take your money game to the next level.

Refinance Loans

Interest rates are at near-historic lows, which makes this the perfect time to refinance your debt. Refinancing means switching your loans from your current lender to a new lender in order to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Refinancing can save you thousands of dollars, depending on the original interest rate and total balance.

 For example, let’s say you have a $200,000 30-year Read the rest

Building an App? Follow These 4 Steps to See Things Through

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As an entrepreneur, a big part of your job is to identify problems and create effective solutions. In this day and age, many people are looking to apps for those solutions.

Creating an app, however, isn’t a simple task. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to make a successful app. Strategy and design have to be taken into account as well. People need to be naturally drawn to your app.

The business of app development is risky. Out of every 10,000 apps, 9,999 are predicted to fall flat on their digital faces.

So, how can you (almost) guarantee your app will be a success?

1. Determine if your app can (really) solve a problem

Your first step is evaluating the realistic potential of your product. Find a problem within a specific industry

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4 Financial New Year’s Resolutions to Avoid Making

‘Tis the season to create New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, 80% fail at achieving their resolutions. Despite this alarming statistic, the tradition of making and sharing “firm decisions to do or not do something” is still the popular activity in preparation for the New Year.

As you begin visualizing and creating your vision boards, here are four financial New Year’s resolutions to avoid making and tips on how to create goals you can actually achieve.

Avoid These Financial New Year’s Resolutions 

1. To Be Debt Free

The average American has about $40,000 in personal debt, with the average student loan debt of over $35,000, excluding mortgage debt. Debt freedom is an impressive goal to achieve in life. However, it usually takes longer than a year to accomplish this feat. It may take more time than anticipated to tackle the mountain of debt accumulated over numerous years or decades.

Instead of Read the rest

6 marketing trends to watch for 2021

2020 was a chaotic year, especially when it came down to traditional marketing strategies. But while we saw plenty of business and marketing changes in 2020, it’s time to also look at new trends emerging for 2021. Here are six key marketing trends to watch for your business.

6 marketing trends that will shape the year ahead

Jump on these marketing trends to make 2021 a banner year for your business online.

  1. Personality and connection-based marketing.
  2. Social media shopping.
  3. Focus on UGC and micro-influencers.
  4. SEO shifts to featured snippets.
  5. Optimize for page experience to improve SEO.
  6. Third-party cookie changes.

From changes in SEO to diving into social media shopping, let’s get started.

1. Personality and connection-based marketing

Since 2020 pushed so many of us to social distancing and even quarantine, building personal connections – yes, even with businesses – is more critical than ever. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, customers … Read the rest