Secured vs. Unsecured Loans: Here’s the Difference

Whether you’re trying to buy a home or looking to get a college degree, you may need to take out a loan to finance your goals. If you’re seeking out your first loan, know that borrowing money is a common practice and you don’t need a degree in economics to understand it! Learning more about loans and the different types can help you make informed decisions and take control of your finances.

Loans take many forms but they all fall within two common categories: secured vs. unsecured loans. Whether you’re approved for either type of loan depends on your creditworthiness. Creditworthiness refers to how responsible you are at repaying debt and if it’s worthwhile or risky to grant you new credit. It’s helpful to be aware of your credit prior to seeking out a loan so you know where you stand.

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Are You About to Be the Victim of a Ponzi Scheme?

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A century ago, in October 1920, Charles Ponzi was indicted by a federal grand jury for mail . The indictment ended a massive fraud that Ponzi perpetrated upon countless victims, one so infamous that similar frauds perpetrated ever since have come to bear his name: Ponzi Schemes. This anniversary should be a timely reminder for investors planning for their retirement to review their financial statements and retirement goals and critically take stock of the due diligence they conduct when evaluating a new investment opportunity.

The important thing to remember about investing retirement funds is, you do not get a second chance. If an investment goes sour when in your 40s, you have time to recover. When looking at an investment you hope to retire comfortably by, caution is the best strategy.

That is why people

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Jumpstart a Real Estate Management Career With This $30 Training Bundle

If you’ve been contemplating a career in real estate, start pursuing your goals today with a well-rounded education on the subject. The Ultimate Property & Real Estate Management Training Bundle is a seven-course, 85-lesson deep dive into the thriving field of real property management, available for under $30. 

To start, gain the skills and knowledge you need to manage real estate, invest in property, and bring in revenue. Start with a step-by-step guide to probate real estate investment with information on how to dominate the niche probate market. Kickstart a career in the property sector with a course on building relationships with landlords, dealing with different types of tenants, and more. 

What you will learn

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