Bitcoin plummets after surpassing $ 34,000 per unit

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One day after surpassing $ 34,000 per unit and hitting a new all-time high, Bitcoin (BTC) had its biggest daily drop since last March. This Monday, the cryptocurrency registered a 17% crash, reaching a price below 30 thousand dollars.

In the early hours of January 3, Bitcoin reached a price of $ 34,544.94 , according to CoinDesk . However, it could not stay there for long.

In the early hours of Monday, January 4, around 4:30 a.m. (GMT-6), Bitcoin fell to around $ 28,700 per unit, according to data from CoinMarketCap .

Fortunately, the same volatility that brought her down in a matter of hours also helped her rebound. Just 5 hours later, the cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 32,100 again. Since then and until

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Instacart Partners With Aldi To Deliver Groceries To SNAP Recipients For Free

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a severe economic downturn, with many losing their jobs as a result, since the start of the public health crisis. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 17 million Americans were potentially food insecure as a result of the pandemic.

In order to help those struggling, many supermarkets and grocers have worked to provide delivery services for customers. Grocery chain ALDI recently announced its partnering with Instacart to deliver groceries to SNAP recipients free of charge, and expanded the assistance program across 22 states.

The company joins others like Walmart, Amazon and Shoprite to provide grocery delivery services to SNAP recipients during the pandemic to ensure they receive necessary food items while staying safe. The service will be provided at over 1,000 ALDI locations.

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Free stuff to give clients: An ecommerce promo calendar for their site

Launching an online store for your client means celebrating the end of a long, often challenging job. But it’s also an opportunity to add value to services rendered. More so than with other websites, the ecommerce site presents an ongoing list of necessary tasks — and marketing is a high-ranking item, whether that by email or other channels like social.

Add a little more value to your services by giving clients this ecommerce promo calendar for the site you just completed (or use it as a reason to check back in with them). This U.S.-based calendar includes key dates for each month of 2021, as well as recommended start dates for the campaigns.

Encourage your clients to kick off their own campaigns with the email template provided below, and then reference the ecommerce promo calendar or upload it to their email platform.

The email template

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