When Should You Not Invest in AI?

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A study was conducted on the business adoption of (AI) in the 1980s. Published in the MIS Quarterly, the study found that enterprises were rushing to invest in AI, and the projected market value was $4 billion.

However, the results were shocking.

The study found that over a five year period, just 33% of AI solutions delivered business value, while the rest were abandoned. Many popular applications of AI were proven to be pure hype and several companies became disillusioned with AI.

Today, the same story is repeating all over again.

Despite decades of progress in AI research and many recent breakthroughs, enterprises continue to struggle with adopting the technology. A survey by McKinsey found that only 8% of firms had practices that enabled them to adopt and scale AI.

AI has exceptional

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Alveda King, MLK’s Trump-Loving Niece, Criticizes Kamala Harris After Plagiarism Allegations

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., didn’t hold back her criticism of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and other democrats during a recent television appearance on FOX News. King also claimed Harris plagiarized one of MLK’s anecdotes for her own.

King’s niece, who wrote a memoir documenting her support for President Donald Trump in October, lambasted Harris during her appearance on Lou Dobb’s show on Tuesday, saying Harris was nothing like her uncle.

“Kamala knows that her worldview is totally different than the worldview of Martin Luther King Jr., so it’s a big stretch for her to compare herself or to sound like him … Read the rest

How historic Denison, Texas, went digital in the COVID-19 era

A year ago, Elsie Russell watched as her home décor shop, 2 Chicks Home and Market, was heavily damaged by a fire that ripped through the 300 block of historic downtown Denison, Texas.

“I just stood across the street with a crowd of people, watching it burn,” she says. “I was thinking ‘I’ve lost everything. Maybe I just need to shut the business down.’”

Naturally, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to attend a boot camp for small business owners that was already scheduled for later that month. Still, friends convinced Russell to attend, and there, among other things, she learned the importance of ecommerce and online business.

The timing couldn’t have been better: When COVID-19 forced Russell to close up shop again five months later, she had options.


She set up new services like curbside pickup and free local delivery through her website. And now, thanks in … Read the rest