Ginni Thomas, Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, Hyped Up Mob Hours Before Insurrection At Capitol

As more prominent Republican party members who either participated or riled up angry insurgents at the Capitol continue to be exposed, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has come to the forefront as a staunch supporter of the mob before the insurrection occurred.

According to Slate, Ginni Thomas seemingly aligned herself with rioters offering words of encouragement and support via social media just hours before the deadly insurgence on Jan. 6. The insurrection claimed the lives of five people.

Slate also reported that the ultra-conservative Thomas is an ardent Trump supporter.

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5 Key Qualities of Inclusive Employees

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Hiring diverse and talent is not as easy as you think. As a consultant with over a decade of experience, I’ve hired my fair share of employees. I’ve hired assistants, managers, HR professionals, graphic designers and more.

But sometimes hiring diverse candidates can be like walking on a tightrope.  You want to hire more women, people of color, folks with disabilities and beyond, but you may be walking a thin line between tokenization and appreciation.

While a workforce with good demographic representation is necessary, it is equally important to staff the organization with people who already diversity and .

The work of inclusion begins at the personal level. Institutions are made up of people. People are the ones in the organizations coming up with policies, procedures, practices, systems and ultimately, shaping

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10 best practices for website navigation

You may not know all the best practices for website navigation, but you can probably tell when they haven’t been followed. Have you ever landed on a website and been unsure of where to click in the top navigation? Or, felt overwhelmed by crammed stacks of links in the footer?

If you have, that confusion was likely created by a mix of communication, website design and site hierarchy problems, and it could all be fixed using best practices for website navigation.

What is website navigation?

Website navigation refers to the menus on a website that direct users to internal pages on that site. It includes the top menu bar, links in the footer and sidebar menus. But, website navigation design is much more than that.

Website navigation organizes a website for users, and it also shows the internal link architecture to search engines.


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