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Be sure that your goals are what you truly desire at a deep, core level of your being. Similarly, firms may be able to design products specifically for a customer.

business level strategies relate specifically to

If you are starting your own business it is important to come up with a business development plan. The bottom line is that international managers must be more cognizant of the differences in local social customs and work ethics than are their domestic counterparts. This is simply one more indication that companies involved in international operations must pay strict attention to the quality of the managers they assign to their overseas facilities. thehellenicvoice As the global economy expands, it is going to become even more critical that international managers be trained specifically for the special nuances involved in worldwide business activities. In such situations, the international agencies can play a big role. If the … Read the rest

Susan Gatehouse: Thrives in Building the Big Picture

With concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic having a disproportionate impact on certain individuals, such as minorities and the elderly, public health experts worldwide require more detailed data, provided on a real-time basis. A longstanding proponent of the reliability and integrity of data as central to healthcare, Axea Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Susan Gatehouse, understands such complex elements. Susan is a nationally recognized speaker and author, with a nearly 30-year history as a leading provider of revenue cycle solutions and advanced technology offerings within the healthcare sector.

It’s all About the Journey 

“It’s been a thrilling journey over the last three decades, watching the advancements in technology and how it improved the efficiency and quality of healthcare as a whole,” says Susan Gatehouse. “There is no question that technology has and continues to reshape the healthcare industry in inspiring, transformative ways,” adds Susan.

“As a result of Read the rest

Recruiting for success in sales? Marcus Cauchi says it’s time to change your strategy

You know you need to scale and fast, you also know that success comes down to the strength, attitude and engagement of your team. So where to start with recruiting those sales experts?

Managing Director of Business Matters, Richard Alvin spoke to sales guru Marcus Cauchi on the Business Matters podcast for more direction on this matter and sales in 2021 generally. We’ve summed up this section here for you, however the entire podcast is essential listening …

Marcus dives straight into the issue of recruiting for sales:

Quite a lot of sales processes actually fail by hiring the wrong salespeople. I’ve found that often, in the early days of business, founders, managing directors, or business owners, actually try to source a salesperson to be a clone of themselves when actually, that’s probably not what they need at all.

Hiring your own image, only weaker, is a recipe for disaster. Read the rest

Nissan announces plans for major expansion at Sunderland Plant

Nissan has announced plans for a major expansion to renewable energy generation at its record-breaking plant in Sunderland, UK.

Complementing the plant’s existing wind turbines and solar farm, the proposed 20MW solar farm extension represents a further step in Nissan’s path to carbon neutrality.

If approved, the 37,000-panel extension would result in 20{a09df0a7172ddbd410cbc83e52d18ea8893b7d066ec9e694b3e49f37d306c3bb} of the plant’s energy coming from all onsite renewables, enough to build every single zero-emission Nissan LEAF sold in Europe.

The plans are to be shared with the local community this week, ahead of a formal planning application being submitted.

Alan Johnson, Vice President Manufacturing at Nissan Sunderland, said: “Renewables have already made a big difference to our business and we continue to look for ways to make the manufacturing process more sustainable.

“As our products made in Sunderland become increasingly electrified, our manufacturing operations are an important part of the ecosystem that will take us to … Read the rest

10 Authors Offering Entrepreneurs Insight and Advice for Successful Leadership

Growing in leadership is a life-long process, so learn from these authors who may have been at it longer than you.

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Being an entrepreneur is a lonely, scary life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enlist some help. Many people have been in your shoes before and come out on top. Why not let them teach you something?

There are plenty of books out there by entrepreneurs claiming to contain the keys to success, but not all books are created equal when it comes to what they can teach budding titans of industry. Here are some of the authors delivering the most valuable insight today.

1. Alexsys Thompson —The

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