Mary Senkowska: Redefining Approach to Career Development of Youths

Standing with a mission to equalise access to opportunities for early talent, Mary Senkowska formed Creative Brain. It all started with an idea that young people are the future of this world, but they are being shaped right now. Mary along with her team mapped the development paths of young leaders who managed to progress faster and create more impact relevant to their peers. They engineered a method to measure future potential, guide and track their development, accounting for experiences that usually fall through the cracks.

Creative Brain is a purpose-driven team that wants to start a societal transformation, redefining the definition of success and most importantly, show the young people that they have a choice. It wants to raise awareness that everyone needs to take ownership of their own progress, heighten self-awareness to benefit from those experiences that make them unique, stronger, able to create impact.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

All tenants always want to receive their complete deposit that they paid at the end of the tenancy, but most of them collide with the reality that a large part of their money will be cut from the deposit, because the apartment they hand it over was not well/deep cleaned, or it was not handed over to the landlord at the same condition that the owner of the apartment handed over to the tenant when renting the apartment.

Therefore, in order to be able to receive deposit, you as a tenant must do all the cleaning work so that the apartment appears in the best condition upon handing it over to the landlord. As a tenant, you need to fully verify your rental agreement because end of tenancy cleaning will likely be a term of receiving your deposit.

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6 Ways to Persuade a Customer to Do What You Want

If you want to get a “yes” from a consumer, write down these strategies from top salespeople and entrepreneurs to win people over.

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The word “influencer” is used a lot in business, but how does the power of persuasion really work? An Everreach study explains the elements that companies use to impact their customers to get that “yes .”

For business, the principles of “reciprocity” and “scarcity” are big factors in the persuasion game. Customers are more inclined to appreciate your business, for example, when you give them something personalized or unexpected. It’s that same vein, they tend to want the things that aren’t everywhere, that’s why limited-time offers tend

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