Ruth Darby: A Multirole Leader with Extensive Work Experience

Real estate has always been considered a male dominated sector, and is making progress towards acknowledging women participation, and moving towards that change. Over the years, the real estate sector has grown considerably. With the sector getting more organized, there has been increased global penetration into the local markets and increased service offerings. In this scenario, limiting the sector to only one section of the population, also curbs the available resources and talent base that is required to take the sector forward. The extension of companies and the need for talent, inspired the inclusion of more women into the segment. One such woman leader is Ruth Darby, Member at Keyser, who plays multiple roles at the company. As a broker, she represents both single location tenants and large global corporate accounts.

Ruth has over 21 years of comprehensive commercial real estate experience working with, national corporate clients, and Read the rest

Vaccine passports are inevitable, not just for travel as a spark for economic recovery

When I started talking about vaccine passports some months ago, I didn’t think it was a huge stretch to imagine a United Kingdom where society would soon be divided into vaccine ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and that people’s ability to return to some kind of normal life would depend on their vaccination status.

The mere suggestion that to go out to dinner, watch live football, go on holiday, or just enjoy a pint down your local would require proof of vaccine seemed to make people very angry.

But as the UK approaches 30 million first vaccinations, businesses desperate to return bums onto seats are starting to accept the inevitability of vaccine passports.

Yesterday, as an example, British Airways announced that it was planning to register customers’ status on its smartphone app as a way of reopening international travel for its customers.

The move along with the prospect of the Government … Read the rest

AKT Franchise Franchise Information


Developed by Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser, AKT is a unique dance-based cardio workout, with new original programming created every 3 weeks by Anna Kaiser. It is a combination of toning, interval, circuit and dance-based workouts Fueled by positivity and a belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact, AKT is for all body types and fitness levels. It is a unique combination of dance-based cardio, toning, interval and circuit training. With this positivity and a combination of personal training and movement-based technique, AKT empowers members to become stronger in their bodies, minds and communities — and they have fun doing it!






With a proven concept in one of the most competitive markets, AKT has extensive market potential – be the first to bring AKT’s unique workout to your local market!


We believe extensive

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