What Is Back Translation And Why Is It So Important?

Good translation is a fine instrument, it’s not a blunt tool. It’s also a process that has an awful lot riding on it, as the slightest mistake or misunderstanding can potentially have drastic consequences. If something is missed or incorrectly interpreted early on in the translation, it throws the validity of everything else into question and can have serious consequences. This is why so many people who need translation services invest in back translation: because there is so much riding on getting everything word perfect. But what is back translation, and why should you pay for it?

Back Translation Is A Process Of Double Checking

In essence, back translation is a very simple process but an absolutely crucial one. It is the process of double-checking a piece of translation to ensure that it is 100{a09df0a7172ddbd410cbc83e52d18ea8893b7d066ec9e694b3e49f37d306c3bb} accurate. Say you’ve paid someone to translate Italian into English, and you now have a … Read the rest

Peter Jones Jessops calls in administrators for second time in just over year

Camera retailer Jessops is to appoint administrators for the second time in little more than a year, in a move that puts 120 jobs at risk.

The business, controlled by Dragons’ Den panellist Peter Jones, said it had filed a notice to appoint administrators after being hit hard by lockdown restrictions. The filing temporarily shields Jessops from creditors and gives it breathing space to find a way for the business to carry on, the company said.

The chain, which Jones’s PJ Investment Group bought out of administration in 2013, has been whittled down to just 17 shops. More than half its stores closed after it hit trouble in 2019.

Jessops is considering a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) – an insolvency process that would enable it to cut its rents. It is also in talks with suppliers and partners. PJ Investment Group is offering to provide additional financial support if management … Read the rest

How I Overcame the Fear of Being My Own Boss

These are some lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki’s “Before You Quit Your Job” before I started a business.

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“Life is the sum of our decisions” – Albert Camus.

One of the great obstacles I faced in deciding to walk away from my job to become an entrepreneur was fear. Fear of venturing, fear of being singled out, fear of failing. And probably the biggest: not being sure that, on the 15th, I was going to receive a specific payment.

Terror of thinking that months or even years could go by without receiving a single penny.

I felt judged by the stereotype of that guy in an expensive suit and

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Strategic Intervention Material (SIM)

Most customers have only limited, if any, positive past experiences with the new brand to offset their disappointment when a purchase does not live up to expectations.

international management hotel school

A good personal development plan template includes five steps that guide you to take action. For example, if we look at the below picture, a strike price of $26.00 will cost the trader $0.74100 per contract for a call for an expiration of January 15th, 2020. Why do we multiply $0.74 by 100? Well, a single contract equates to 100 shares, and so, to purchase this option, it will cost the trade $74.00 per contract. By doing this, the trader thinks this stock will go above $26.00 before said date. If it does, then the $0.74100 per contract they paid for will go up and thus can be sold for a profit. thehellenicvoice Puts is the completely opposite as … Read the rest

The Healthcare Space sparks major Interest for CyberSecurity Startups

Last year, healthcare systems and hospitals all around were facing a battle on two fronts: the well-known raging pandemic that engulfed the entire world in fear; and the lesser-known yet just as relentless battle – cyberattacks.

According to a latest study, cyber breaches in healthcare increased by 55.2 percent last year. The increase in attacks prompted the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the FBI, and the US Department of Health and Human Services to send out a warning in late October that according to ‘credible information’, cyber-attackers were specifically targeting health care providers and public health agencies.

The increase in attacks on this industry corelates with devices and machines at hospitals getting more interconnected. Things such as MRIs, and thermostats talking wit each other and the network while giving attackers virtual backdoors and a surface to exploit which seemed to be ever-increasing.

With the increase in attacks, we can also … Read the rest

Rishi Sunak warns business that people may quit if forced to work from home

The chancellor has warned bosses that staff may quit if they are not allowed to work from the office as the UK emerges from lockdown.

Rishi Sunak told the Telegraph that employees would “vote with their feet” and could consider leaving for a rival if made to work from home full time.

A number of companies have announced plans to close offices prompting fears for city centres.

But now the chancellor has urged firms not to abandon the office altogether.

Mr Sunak told the newspaper that home working is no substitute for an office environment with “people riffing off each other”.

“You can’t beat the spontaneity, the team building, the culture that you create in a firm or an organisation from people actually spending physical time together,” he said.

The chancellor argued that an office environment was particularly important for younger workers looking to understand how a company works.

He … Read the rest

“Legend Of The Phoenix” Game Tips, Tricks, And Strategies (How To Gain Fame And Ingots)

If you can do one each day, great. In Southwest’s case, it offers low-cost airfare with easy travel access to flights and in-flight perks. Refugees are often pulled into operations.

business development plan example ppt

Separate from a Business Plan is the Business Model. martine roch Business-level strategies thus support corporate-level strategies. Corporate-level strategies attempt to maximize the wealth of shareholders through profitability of the overall corporate portfolio, but business-level strategies are concerned with (1) matching their activities with the overall goals of corporate-level strategy while simultaneously (2) navigating the markets in which they compete in such a way that they have a financial or market edge-a competitive advantage-relative to the other businesses in their industry. The most significant risk in pursuing a cost leadership strategy is that these sources of cost reduction are not unique to you. Other competitors can copy your cost reduction strategies and compete with you … Read the rest

Senate Passes Bill to Extend Deadline for PPP Applications

In an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, the Senate voted to give small businesses more time to apply for loans.

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In a largely bipartisan vote yesterday, the Senate passed a bill to extend the deadline for Paycheck Protection Program to May 31, USA Today reports. 

Senators from both sides of the aisle voted 92-7 to give more time to thousands of small businesses to apply for low-interest loans. The vote also gives the Small Business Administration 30 more days to process pending applications. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the bill into law. 

“This extension is desperately needed,” Senator Ben Cardin, who chairs the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, said, according to the outlet. “This requires time to get these applications not only filed but processed. As a result, if we

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The Importance of Safety & Lifting Equipment in Warehouse Management

To operate a warehouse successfully, you need to ensure that you have your space set up to be as functional and efficient as possible. With the right warehouse setup, you can ensure that your business operates like a well-oiled machine so you can serve your customers as best as possible. Providing the best service to your clients will ensure that your organisation is able to meet the needs of your clients going forward and that you manage your warehouse operations with confidence moving forward. 

There are a lot of different components that you need to manage to keep your warehouse running like clockwork. From inventory management, having the right systems in place, managing your supply chain and maintenance of your lifting equipment in Melbourne, there are many moving parts that you need to consider. With so many different elements to consider, you need to ensure that you have the Read the rest

APM Salary and Market Trends Survey: spotlight on the project profession

The latest annual Salary and Market Trends Survey by Association for Project Management (APM), the chartered body for the project profession, reveals the average salary for a project professional is £47,500.

This average salary has remained unchanged for the past year, bearing testament to the enduring strength and broad appeal of the profession, despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit throwing many plans and projects into doubt.

The research, in partnership with YouGov, surveyed 2,626 project professionals across the UK, drawing insights from across the profession, including salary (by region, sector and job role), job satisfaction, future trends, diversity and inclusion. The findings reveal that almost half (49 per cent) of professionals now earn over £50,000; up from 42 per cent last year. Further up the pay-scale, 20 per cent of professionals now earn over £70,000; an increase from 16 per cent.

APM’s study also highlights that salaries … Read the rest