Live Animations: AR/VR Technology Inspiring Customer Loyalty

When it comes to increasing revenue and building a loyal customer base, loyalty programs are proven more effective. However, as most loyalty programs either take the route of redeemed points, social media, or paid campaigns, this space has seen nothing new in the past decade.

That is why brands and businesses these days are searching for innovative ways to inspire customer loyalty. And Live Animations, a leading developer of innovative loyalty programs based on advanced AR technology have been helping large retailers and kids and family brands achieve smoothly achieve their goals.

The company’s remarkable work reflects in the rewards and reclaims. The company for its work has been recognized on Clutch with the highest 5-star ratings. Live Animations also entered the list of the Top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Developers in the world.

In 2018, four AR books, created by Live Animations and Little Hippo publishing company, … Read the rest

Warehouse builders respond to online demand with development boom

A record amount of new warehouse space is due to be built in Britain this year as developers respond to rising demand for storage from online retailers.

Research by Knight Frank, the property consultancy, found that 40 million sq ft of new space is due to be built this year, double the amount completed last year. Much of the new space has already been leased to retailers and distribution companies ordering purpose-built properties.

Online sales rose £34 billion year-on-year last year and are expected to exceed £150 billion by 2024. Every billion pounds of online sales requires about 1.4 million sq ft of warehouse space, according to Knight Frank.

Charles Binks, head of industrial and logistics at the consultancy, said: “The robust forecast for online retail and increased competition for high-specification and well-located assets is driving development activity. Take-up over the past year has reduced the level of availability and … Read the rest

6 Steps For Successful Program Development For Your Non

When a firm receives canvassed items and exports them, it is called Passive Export. Legal problems are common in many nations. The company was capable of selling 4 million devices less than a year.

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The need for comprehensive business plan development can never be overstated. The fifth component of a business strategy is a financial plan that forecasts the results you expect to get from your plans and illustrates how they will meet stakeholder requirements over the next 3 to 5 years. Once you know your business level strategy (cut costs), you can start looking at your organization with an eye toward decreasing spending. ROI (Return on Investment) − ROI is the most common method to evaluate the performance of an international firm. It shows the relationship between profit to invested capital and encompasses almost all important factors related to performance. An improved ROI can … Read the rest

Are You Reducing Friction For Your Sales Team? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Be.

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A salesperson’s job will never be done. This is universally true and especially relevant in B2B sales. Even if a salesperson closed the largest deal in your company’s history last quarter — or even last week — and hit their quota early, it doesn’t mean they can go home for the rest of the month. Working in sales often evokes the adage: “What have you done for me lately?”

Organizations hire sales teams to push inbound leads through the funnel and approach prospective clients. The latter requires a certain number of “nos” to reach one “yes.” But to help managers understand the messaging and the number of dials, emails and other touches it takes to get to that one “yes,” sales teams need to capture more information than ever before. Everyday duties include prospecting accounts, finding

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