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The paper investigates managerially relevant topics (e.g. country-of origin effects, branding and pricing strategies, etc.) using the latest theories.

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Although alignment of strategic initiatives is a corporate-wide effort, considering strategy in terms of levels is a convenient way to distinguish among the various responsibilities involved in strategy formulation and implementation. A business plan writer should analyze the environment in which they anticipate operating at each of the levels of analysis: Societal, Industry, Market, and Firm. This stage of planning is called the Essential Initial Research stage, and it is a necessary first step to better understand the trends that will affect their business and the decisions they must make to lay the groundwork for, which will improve their potential for success. thehellenicvoice GATT’s jurisdiction was applicable only to product-transactions. Due to globalization, services and technologies became a major part of international investments and trade. … Read the rest

Largest jump in businesses facing ‘significant financial distress’ since 2014

A closely-watched report has noted the largest quarterly leap in the number of businesses suffering significant financial distress since 2014 following a year of coronavirus disruption.

The latest Red Flag Alert produced by insolvency specialists Begbies Traynor measured a jump of 93,000 firms in the first quarter of 2021, a period that took in the anniversary of the UK’s first COVID-19 lockdown last March.

It meant there were 723,000 businesses suffering in total, the report said, a 42{a09df0a7172ddbd410cbc83e52d18ea8893b7d066ec9e694b3e49f37d306c3bb} increase over the past year.

The quarterly rise was put down to the latest enforced shutdowns of parts of the economy deemed non-essential as UK national governments sought to curb the spread of the virus and protect citizens through the vaccination rollout.

Begbies Traynor said companies in the logistics and real estate sectors saw particularly sharp increases in hardship over the first three months of 2021.

It warned that an easing of … Read the rest

10 Lessons From Disney And Pixar Movies

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Animated Disney and Pixar films have always stood out for having endearing characters who constantly fight against evil. But in these animated stories there are also several lessons that any entrepreneur can learn to lead their business to success.

We give you 10 lessons from some of his classic tapes and more recent ones:

1. Peter Pan’s imagination

This film, released in 1953, is based on a book by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie. The story is about a young man (Peter Pan) who refuses to grow up and guides the “lost children” in a fantastic place called Neverland. When Peter is introduced to a young girl in the line of maturity named Wendy and her brothers, he convinces them that to fly you

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