Elon Musk’s SpaceX signs alliance with Google Cloud to offer satellite internet with Starlink

The agreement between SpaceX and Google strengthens its position to compete against the Amazon cloud service and the Kuiper Project, as both go for the cominium of the satellite internet.

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This Thursday, Google Cloud announced that it reached an agreement with the company SpaceX to offer satellite internet services through Starlink . The tech giant, owned by Alphabet Inc. , will provide its cloud infrastructure for Elon Musk’s connectivity project.

This agreement involves SpaceX installing Starlink ground terminals in Google’s cloud data centers, which will connect to Starlink satellites .

Thus, Musk customers will be able to access the internet

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How To Improve GCE O Levels Grades, Exam Strategies And Tips To Improve Grades

Videos published directly to a platform, say, Facebook, carries more weight than videos posted through an external link. Moreover, the benefits of devices have been overrated.

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Today all entrepreneurs or small business owners know and respect the importance of a business plan. thehellenicvoice The business model illustrates how your venture will become profitable. Well thought-out interactions between marketing, financial and operations processes will promote and sustain profitability and you must map out how these will occur. The business model describes the core functions of the venture. Think about what new products or services you’d like to introduce, what markets you’d like to branch into, how you’d like to improve your relations with customers, how many new distributors you’d like to add, how you will make thing better for your employees, partners, even your community, and of course, what lifestyle and “work- style” changes you’d … Read the rest

Currys hangs up on Carphone Warehouse with retailer rebrand

The Carphone Warehouse brand is set to vanish from the high street after Dixons Carphone changes the name of all its shops to Currys.

The electricals group plans to rebrand its retailers, including Currys PC World, Team Knowhow and Dixons Carphone, in the UK and Ireland under the single name.

A new Currys website will be launched as the name appears on more than 300 shops, 13,000 staff uniforms and 300 delivery vehicles, the FTSE 250 group said.

Carphone Warehouse was co-founded in 1989 by Sir Charles Dunstone and Julian Brownlie, who put £6,000 into the company from their savings. In 1990 Dunstone brought in his school friend David Ross, a chartered accountant, who became chief operating officer.

The company name subsequently engendered jokes in the City that the group did not comprise warehouses and did not sell car phones.

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‘I Kick Ass for Real, and I Make Money For Real’

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a global sports icon and arguably the greatest boxer of all time. ESPN ranked Mayweather as the No. 1 pound-for-pound boxer of the past 25 years, and he’s generated over $1.67 billion in pay-per-view revenue over the course of his career.

Historically, most fighters struggle to find success after boxing. Some leave with their faculties intact; some leave with their finances intact, but rarely do fighters leave with both, and rarer still do they transfer their boxing success into success elsewhere. Mayweather proved to be an outlier with an entrepreneurial spirit early on. 

In 2006, he turned down the then-biggest payday of his career and exercised a buyout provision in his Top Rank contract. Instead of making $8 million, he paid $750,000 to become a free agent. It was a shrewd business

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The Five Components Of A Business Strategy

The market approach says that the external market forces shape the control mechanism and the behavior of the management within the organizational units of an MNC.

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When it comes to improving the running of your business or building up a solid business from the ground up hiring a firm of business development consultants are a great way of increasing your profits and developing a solid business plan. Planning is a process that never ends for all businesses. thehellenicvoice It is extremely important in the early stages of any venture when the entrepreneur will need to prepare a preliminary business plan. Your strategic planning and marketing plan won’t look like theirs, they spend millions on their business development and marketing, but it can contain the fundamental principles that make them successful. It can contain Multi-Faceted Marketing, which will insure your company or product name reaches your potential customer … Read the rest

How to Open a Successful Coffee Shop

Owning a coffee shop is a dream of many. The only problem is that opening a cafe is one thing. The other is making it successful. And that part can be challenging, especially if you consider how fierce the competition is.

Nowadays, you can’t simply open a new place and expect people to come in. Even if you serve the best coffee in town, it may not be enough to achieve your goals. It may sound discouraging, but it doesn’t mean that opening a cafe is a bad idea. On the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity. You just need to know how to promote it.

And that’s what we’ll focus on in the following guide. Below, you’ll find some useful tips and coffee shop promotion ideas that will help you turn your cafe into a successful business.

Analyze The Competition

First things first, you need to know how the … Read the rest

Speedy recovery expected after economy defies lockdown gloom

The economy coped better than expected in the latest lockdown as businesses successfully adapted to social distancing rules, official figures show.

Although output contracted 1.5 per cent in the first three months of the year, this was stronger than the 1.7 per cent fall forecast by economists. It was also a considerable improvement on the spring lockdown, when the economy contracted by almost a fifth.

The Office for National Statistics said that the economy was 8.7 per cent smaller than its pre-pandemic size. However, it is expected to grow rapidly over the coming months, as lockdown restrictions are eased over the summer. The Bank of England is forecasting annual growth of 7.25 per cent, the fastest rate since 1941. It expects the economy to have recovered its pandemic losses by end of year.

Rishi Sunak said that the latest figures were “a promising sign of things to come”.

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5 Components of a Facebook Campaign That Can Be the Difference Between New Customers and Missed Sales

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The strength of any structure lies in its foundation. When it comes to Facebook marketing, it lies in the setup of your campaigns. A strong, proper setup will result in better success.

Let’s talk about the five components of a Facebook campaign you need to set up properly to ensure your success with Facebook ads.

Targeting: Talking to the right people

Targeting is the most important aspect of Facebook ads. Outbound marketing has been proven ineffective nowadays. Instead of casting a wide net, you need to know where to cast your narrow, targeted net to make your marketing precise.

Reaching out to a larger audience — casting a wider net — can produce faster results indeed. But it’s more expensive, and the yields will be less than satisfactory.

On the other hand, targeting a specific audience

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Strategy Levels

As a result, increases the reach of your posts manifold. It will help you give effective response to emergencies, faster and timely delivery of service, while your business is growing.

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One of the best digital marketing Experts of 2020 and over 14 years of marketing experience and has led the digital marketing strategy. Initial division structures are common in subsidiaries, export firms, and on-site manufacturers. Subsidiaries that follow this kind of organization structure include firms where the main export is expertise, for example, consultants and financial firms. Export firms include those having technologically advanced products and manufacturing units. Companies having on-site manufacturing operations follow this structure to cut down their costs. enterpreneurship While generally valid, each of these premises may be seriously misleading for a particular business in a specific situation. Many followers attracted to a market by its rapid growth rate are likely to … Read the rest

Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Loans

Small businesses have exploded in recent times. The pandemic has forced many to reevaluate their career choices and has given many the time and push they need to start their own business. If this is you, and you are looking to acquire a loan for your small business but find yourself confused and frustrated by the process, this guide is for you. Here is everything you need to know about small business loans.

How To Qualify

There are a few standards you will need to meet to qualify for a loan, and we give you here a detailed insight on how you can achieve them.

Personal Credit Score

Your personal credit score is usually the first thing potential lenders will look at. Your personal credit score is more important if your business is new and this is your first business loan application. With a new business, lenders cannot tell how … Read the rest