Fiat vs. Crypto: All That You Need to Know

Fiat and crypto have differences that are obvious while some are obscure. Both are only as valuable as their usefulness in payment processing is. When evaluating the potential investment in either crypto or fiat, however, some find crypto to have more appeal.

Inflation is still a potential factor with cryptocurrencies, but with fiat, it is a sure factor at play. Keeping fiat cash in a bank account will eventually decrease the value of that money. As crypto stands today, its market is so large that it hasn’t even gotten close to saturating it.

What Is Fiat Money?

Paper-bill notes are the most common form of fiat money. To be very specific, fiat is any form of currency in which its value is based on changeable prices and not something inherent. Inherent value in this case would be like that found in gold. The actual gold is what has value and … Read the rest

Made in Britain: Go-karting company, TeamKarting

Matty Street talks to us about how his karting company, TeamKarting, has been his saviour and how they survived the pandemic.

What’s the background to your business?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger’s whilst at school. When I was 12, I discovered the world of motorsport through karting and found it really helped me to cope with the challenges of these conditions which made traditional schooling quite tough.

I studied motorsport engineering then went on to secure a degree, working at TeamKarting indoor racetrack in Rochdale throughout. I then raised investment to buy out the TeamKarting business in 2017 when I was 19. In 2019, I took the next step and launched an in-house kart race team that offers a full progression route from indoor karting to outdoor racing. Soon after, I set up the Cadet Kart Championship after being quite frustrated with the championships on offer.

Keeping … Read the rest

Avoid This Common Mistake When Writing Your First Business Book

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I had an interesting project come across my desk the other day. The author had worked out a solid marketing strategy for the business book he was writing. (Having a strong marketing plan is essential when writing nonfiction — professional publishers expect it.) He had secured two published authors to contribute to the book, one of whom had sold millions of books himself. And he had also partnered up with several leading executives to assist him in getting the word out once it was published. 

I was excited about the marketing plan, but something about the book itself didn’t “click” for me. I suggested the author chat with a literary agent I know for some market advice. The agent managed to put into words what I had only had a gut feeling about. 

Your book needs

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