How Technology Is Being Used To Discover Today’s Medicine

Since prehistory, humans have been seeking ways to alleviate symptoms from ailments and injury as well as searching for ways to heal and recover or completely prevent disease. There’s an ancient Egyptian manuscript offering instructions for the removal of kidney stones. Step one is to get two strong men.

Medicine has come a long way since then and continues to grow and develop as we learn more. Like most scientific fields, medicine is part of a much greater process involving how humans can come to understand the world, and while it’s easy to look back on something like bloodletting and scoff, it’s important to remember that one day people will be looking back on our medical practices the same way.

There’s endless room for growth, and with the help of technology, human medicine is able to face this growth head-on and improve much faster and much more efficiently. The following Read the rest

Made in Britain: Data technology firm, InfoShare

Pamela Cook talks to Business Matters about why her data-tech company, InfoShare, looks to identify and help vulnerable people through data.

What is the background to your business?

Infoshare was born in Kingston-Upon-Thames over 20 years ago. Its inception was a result of the growing role that data has in all our lives and the recognition of the real-world impact when that data is inaccurate. Due to advances in technology, things like AI and machine learning have moved out of science fiction and into the mainstream. However, any software that uses data is only as good as the data that goes in – ‘good enough’ data is no longer good enough when the insights gained are relied upon to make critical decisions. There was an opportunity to help organisations to trust in their data, so they could use it for good.

I took over as CEO of InfoShare in 2010, … Read the rest

5 Insurance Policies Every Solopreneur Should Have

Using various insurance policies is one of the best ways solopreneurs can protect their business and personal finances from potentially devastating risks.

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Starting a business is exciting. But all the things you love about being a solopreneur, such as flexible hours and high earning potential, come with some risk. Dangers like contract disputes, injuries and theft could be enough to wipe out your small business before it has the chance to succeed. 

In fact, one in three small-business owners said they had experienced an event that insurance might have covered in the past year, according to an Insureon survey. Fortunately, several insurance products can help business owners protect against these risks.

Here are five insurance policies that will benefit solopreneurs and who should use them.

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1. Homeowners insurance 

Most homeowners insurance

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