Lemonade: This $5 billion insurance company likes to talk up its AI. Now it’s in a mess over it

Yet less than a year after its public market debut, the company, now valued at $5 billion, finds itself in the middle of a PR controversy related to the technology that underpins its services.

On Twitter and in a blog post on Wednesday, Lemonade explained why it deleted what it called an “awful thread” of tweets it had posted on Monday. Those now-deleted tweets had said, among other things, that the company’s AI analyzes the videos that users submit when they file insurance claims for signs of fraud, picking up “non-verbal cues that traditional insurers can’t, since they don’t use a digital claims process.”
The deleted tweets, which can still be viewed via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, caused an uproar on Twitter. Some Twitter users were alarmed at what they saw as a “dystopian” use of technology, as the company’s posts suggested its customers’ insurance claims could be vetted
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