Disney sued by insurer | Insurance Business

The House of Mouse is being sued by an insurer, which maintains that it is unable to pay for the “second wave” of claims on delayed film and TV productions.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company filed a case against Disney in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The Los Angeles Times reported that the lawsuit disputed the entertainment giant’s claim for $10 million in insurance coverage for production delays.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company is a US subsidiary of Allianz.

In the complaint, the insurer explained that it is not disputing insurance claims made by Disney during the “first wave” of COVID-19 shutdowns in March 2020. Rather, the insurer noted that it should not have to cover for the “second wave” claims that happened after film and TV shooting was allowed to resume in California and other regions.

The insurer also explained in its complaint that Disney is not entitled to “cast coverage”

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Five Benefits Of Leadership Development For Your Organization

If the organizations’ managers are unsure of the issues under discussion or do not know the perfect rules of the game, an agency may be quite helpful in offering a helping hand.

business development plan

The Inbound Growth Blog covers all topics relating to an integrated marketing strategy. The main goal of an organization is to satisfy and delight customers with its product and services. The manufacturing unit plays a major role in this direction. One of the most important factors for determining the success of a manufacturing unit is its location. Business level strategies provide direction to each department (and by extension, to each individual ). Business level strategies, in large part, determine the specific capabilities and skills that each department will use to achieve its goals. thehellenicvoice Each nation has its own laws to protect intellectual property, but which products those laws protect differs as well. The UN’s … Read the rest