Making Business Insurance Simple with Zensurance


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Business insurance can be overwhelming—Zensurance offers a new, digital solution that will simplify your life and clear your mind.

Maybe you’re a small business owner reopening after COVID or an entrepreneurial spirit looking to make your side hustle into a full-time gig. You might even be a long-time business owner looking to make a change in the marketplace—in any case, you’re going to need business insurance that fits your needs.

When it comes to purchasing business insurance in BC, like many aspects of business (and life), true success comes with understanding what you might not know and asking all the right questions.

For example, business owners may not know that their home insurance policy does not cover those who operate the business from their homes.

Business Interruption Insurance is a solid buy because it covers the loss of income that a business may suffer after a

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Crisis And Strategic Analysis

The process is not static. The office of your business should be very much appealing to the audience and the customers as it will also play a major role in influencing them.

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To conduct business overseas, multinational companies need to bridge separate national markets into one global marketplace. Import quotas − Import quotas are the other forms of protectionism. These quotas limit the amount of products imported into a country. This is considered to be a more effective strategy than protective tariffs. Protective tariffs do not always repel the consumers who are ready to pay higher prices for imported goods. Each year around this time I urge clients to dust off last year’s business plan and compare it to what is really going on. Because many people – believe it or not – forget what they committed to for the year. enterpreneurship Oh – … Read the rest

The Business Development Process

The competition promotes efficiency within firms. Assuring that functional strategies mesh with business-level strategies and the overall corporate-level strategy.

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Our Business Biographies are a superb tool for biographical information of industry leaders worldwide. enterpreneurship Firms pursue a turnaround strategy by undertaking a temporary reduction in operations in an effort to make the business stronger and more viable in the future. These moves are popularly called downsizing or rightsizing. The hope is that going through a temporary belt-tightening will allow the firm to pursue a growth strategy at some future point. Starting from a few dollars to thousands and millions of dollars, this type of marketing can be availed by any level of business whether small or large. The average price on Facebook is around $1, while on Instagram is $6. As a result, someone will definitely opt for Facebook, but in case of better engagement rate … Read the rest