Should insurance pay when a business can’t operate due to COVID?

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Financial Corp. has spent $30 million on lawyers in the last year, as it fends off 169 lawsuits aimed at forcing it to pay business interruption claims by companies forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of those lawsuits was filed by Taste of Belgium owner Jean Francois Flechet, who remains a Cincinnati Financial customer as he pursues a class-action lawsuit against the company.

“We just disagree on the interpretation of one paragraph on the contract,” Flechet said. “They’re protecting their interest. I’m protecting mine.”

Lot Tan

Owner Flechet says insurance payments could have helped Taste of Belgium return to “business as usual” more quickly.

Flechet’s lawsuit is on hold as the Ohio Supreme Court prepares to rule on a central legal question in business interruption cases.

In the meantime, the WCPO 9 I-Team has been analyzing another kind of legal spending.

For more than a

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