Bruce Sackrison is a Napa Valley Register columnist who will write about property and casualty insurance matters.

As a business owner, you already realize the importance of insurance and the remedies that it offers in the case of “an event.”

Conversely, the discussion of your business insurance can also cause you great distress, when in fact it really is designed to protect you, while preventing you from experiencing catastrophic losses both financially and from a general business perspective.

When I meet with clients who are also business owners, there are generally three questions that float to the surface as follows, “Do you really think that I need this coverage?” and “Does the law require it for my business?” and “What are the real benefits (of this specific insurance)?”

The short answer is generally, “Yes, no, and let’s chat.”

That being said, let’s address this in simple terms.

Do you really think that I need this coverage?

Simply stated, general liability insurance covers your business against lawsuits alleging bodily injury, personal injury and property damage due to negligence on the part of the insured.

In other words, if you do something wrong that wasn’t intentional and someone is hurt or their property is damaged, then you are covered by your liability insurance.

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