Rep. Ayanna Pressley Says She Avoided Capitol Safe Room Due To White Supremacist Congress Members

Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D) said she avoided the safe room during the Capitol riot last week, but it had little to do with the coronavirus.

Pressley explained why she didn’t head to the safe room on Jan. 12 on Twitter. The Squad member refused based on her opinion that some lawmakers hiding in the room were just as dangerous as the rioters who broke into the Capitol.

In addition to Pressley’s belief that some GOP lawmakers are White supremacists, the GOP’s refusal to acknowledge the coronavirus pandemic also gave her pause.

She was right to be skeptical. Since … Read the rest

How a CFP Celebrates Her Money Wins

People may often imagine that when they reach their milestones, there will be fireworks and party buses along with a huge celebration. And while sometimes there are, most wins are simply small steps you take every day until one day you wake up where you visualized you would be. That is why it is important to celebrate it all — the ups, the downs, the wins, the steps forward, and sometimes even backward. Without awareness and reflection, you might miss out on celebrating how much progress you have made in your financial life. By acknowledging even the so-called small things, you can keep the momentum alive and feel good about yourself.

Here are some ways I celebrate my money wins, no matter how big or small:

Tell my family and friends.

By sharing my money wins and even challenges with my closest friends and family, it opens me up to Read the rest

Here’s How States Plan To Guard Their Capitol Buildings Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

States across the country are increasing security and planning for a contentious Inauguration Day after the FBI warned all 50 states of armed protests at every state capitol.

The FBI sent a memo to all 50 states that armed protests are planned for each state capitol and in Washington, D.C,. between last Sunday and at least through Inauguration Day next Wednesday. The agency also warned of a potential uprising if outgoing President Donald Trump is removed from office early.

Several states have released their inauguration day plans including the keystone state.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said he was aware of the planned protests, but the state’s Capitol Complex in Harrisburg has been closed to the public since December because of the pandemic.

Wolf added Thursday morning that 1,000 National Guard troops have been activated to assist the Washington DC National Guard for Biden’s inauguration.

“Pennsylvania Guard members are well-trained … Read the rest

Buying Local Statistics for 2021: Survey Finds 70% of Americans Shop Small

Amazon and other leading ecommerce giants have changed the shopping experience in recent years. Easy one-click buys and same-day delivery are what 80 percent of shoppers now look for when shopping. This ease earned Amazon $96.15 billion in yearly revenue by the end of September 2020 — all while the COVID-19 pandemic continued. Stay-at-home orders throughout the year and the need to support small businesses grew as large ecommerce sites took the spotlight. We set out to understand buying local statistics to see who’s shopping local, and why and how they’re doing so.

Small businesses were affected greatly in 2020. Due to COVID-19, many shoppers opted for online orders and same-day delivery — things most small businesses couldn’t match. As a result, small business sales decreased, and up to 50 percent of shops closed in some countries.

For the local shops still standing, the overwhelming support of consumers definitely helped. … Read the rest

CNN Names Abby Phillip As New Anchor For ‘Inside Politics’

Abby Phillip has made a name for herself reporting on the Trump administration. Now, the famed journalist is adding another achievement to her resume as the anchor of  CNN’s Inside Politics from 8-9 a.m. ET on Sundays, beginning January 24. Phillip will replace John King, who will continue to host the segment during the weekday. Phillip has also been named the network’s senior political correspondent. She shared news of her new role with her Twitter followers.

Phillip also shared the news on her Instagram page, writing, “Five years ago today I was on the Inside Politics roundtable with my friend @johnkingcnn,” she wrote in her caption … Read the rest

Closing on a House: The Most Important Parts of the Process

This article includes general information. Mortgage laws vary by state. Contact a mortgage lender in your state for specific details.

Let’s cut right to the chase here: Real estate transactions can get complicated. Most of us simply don’t purchase enough property to possess an innate familiarity with the process. Whether you’ve dabbled in the market before but never committed, you’re a repeat home buyer, or you’re completely unfamiliar with real estate to begin with, you should start to formulate a plan well in advance of a closing so that when the time comes, you’re confident and ready to rise to the occasion.

Closing may pose a challenge even to seasoned professionals as they navigate negotiations and shop around to compare home insurance quotes, all while keeping in mind that a home and a lifestyle is on the line. It can be tempting to disconnect emotionally in order to seem … Read the rest

Rihanna Invests in Black-Owned Vegan Cookie Company Partake Foods Joining Jay-Z and H.E.R.

Rihanna and H.E.R are using their platforms to invest in Black women-led businesses.

The entertainers are two of the latest investors to support the allergy-friendly food brand Partake Foods, which is also backed by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s Venture Capital Fund Marcy Venture Partners. Last week, the company announced that it successfully completed its Series A round of financing, securing $4.8 million in funding.

Denise Woodard is the founder and CEO of Partake Foods, which specializes in healthy, vegan cookies, while also creating more opportunities for minorities in the food industry. She is recognized as the first woman of color to ever raise one million dollars for a food startup after Carter’s venture fund first teamed up with the brand.

“With this group of strategic partners and added financing, Partake continues our mission of making super delicious and safe food that those with and without dietary restrictions can enjoy,” said

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Ginni Thomas, Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, Hyped Up Mob Hours Before Insurrection At Capitol

As more prominent Republican party members who either participated or riled up angry insurgents at the Capitol continue to be exposed, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has come to the forefront as a staunch supporter of the mob before the insurrection occurred.

According to Slate, Ginni Thomas seemingly aligned herself with rioters offering words of encouragement and support via social media just hours before the deadly insurgence on Jan. 6. The insurrection claimed the lives of five people.

Slate also reported that the ultra-conservative Thomas is an ardent Trump supporter.

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Alveda King, MLK’s Trump-Loving Niece, Criticizes Kamala Harris After Plagiarism Allegations

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., didn’t hold back her criticism of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and other democrats during a recent television appearance on FOX News. King also claimed Harris plagiarized one of MLK’s anecdotes for her own.

King’s niece, who wrote a memoir documenting her support for President Donald Trump in October, lambasted Harris during her appearance on Lou Dobb’s show on Tuesday, saying Harris was nothing like her uncle.

“Kamala knows that her worldview is totally different than the worldview of Martin Luther King Jr., so it’s a big stretch for her to compare herself or to sound like him … Read the rest

John Lewis Tribute Destroyed By Pro-Trump Mob That Stormed Capitol Building

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the mob of Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6 destroyed a display honoring Rep. John Lewis.

Lewis, the late congressman and civil rights leader had a display outside Hoyer’s office with one of his famous quotes:  “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just; you have to stand up, speak up, speak out, and find a way to get in the way and get in trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble.”

Hoyer tweeted a photo of the display Thursday. “Let his words continue to echo in the halls of Congress and in our hearts. Let us always stand up, speak up, and speak out against injustice and for our democracy,” Hoyer wrote in the tweet.

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