How Can I Sell Directly From a Live Stream? Facebook Live Shopping Makes It Easy.

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Saying you have options to sell stuff online today is an understatement.

Want to sell your new bamboo charcoal deodorant? Go to , , or build a Shopify site and run some ads. Have a rookie card to offload? Sell it to the highest bidder on or Marketplace. Those are just a few of the popular ways to get eyes on your products and wake up to 30 Stripe or payment emails.

online is as easy as it’s ever been. Based on what we’ve seen during the pandemic and even during the 2020 holiday season, selling and buying online is at an all-time high. On Black

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14 client-screening questions to ask before designing a site

There was a time, early in my freelance days, when I gleefully accepted any client who came a-knockin’ at my door — no client screening or preliminary fact-finding recon necessary. However, I quickly learned that it pays to be selective, and moved to using a rigorous screening process early in my onboarding process.

Providing a finely tuned and comprehensive questionnaire allows prospective clients to work at their own pace, pondering the questions over time, while formulating their responses.

Trust me, working through this exercise at the start saves time and aggravation down the road. If the prospective client answers all questions to your satisfaction, in addition to confirming the right fit, you’ve assembled much-needed information for your proposal. Useful questions not only gather information, but raise red flags to seriously consider.

Ask these client-screening questions

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Elon Musk Responds To a Request From a Tweeter Who Sent Him the Same Message 154 Times

A developer asked the businessman for permission to create a video game about SpaceX and finally received a response from Elon Musk.

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There is no doubt that perseverance does pay off. A video game creator set out to get Elon Musk’s attention and he succeeded! After 154 attempts to reach the CEO of SpaceX via Twitter , the enthusiastic programmer got a response.

The independent developer Lyubomir Vladimirov , promised to publish the same message for the daily businessman for a year. His intention was to ask Musk for permission to develop a game inspired by SpaceX , his space exploration company.

Dear Elon. I

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Diddy Invests In Thirteen Lune, a Digital Platform That Celebrates Black and Brown Owned Beauty Brands

Sean “Diddy” Combs, along with a host of others, has invested in a growing beauty platform that specializes in offering the discovery of beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders that resonate with people of all colors. According to WWD, Thirteen Lune has recently raised $1 million.

According to a recent press release, Thirteen Lune was co-founded by Nyakio Grieco, founder of nyakio Beauty which is based on her family’s African culture and traditions, and Patrick Herning, founder, and CEO of e-commerce platform, 11 Honoré. Thirteen Lune is a vehicle for change and a space for authentic allyship. The team behind Thirteen Lune has committed itself to work toward progress and to create financial parity for beauty and wellness brands … Read the rest

Cities with more diversity have more online micro-businesses

Amber Khan-Robinson, the daughter of the first African American athletic shoe designer in the U.S., has always had entrepreneurship in her blood. So when she was looking for ways to keep her three children from staring at screens all day, she decided to help them “start a business.”

Working at home in Atlanta, they made 85 hibiscus lime ice pops to sell at a festival. Soon, the family was selling hundreds per weekend at events around their city under the name MOKIPOPS.

When the pandemic hit, MOKIPOPS, like many neighborhood businesses, was forced to pivot their business to maintain sales. So Khan-Robinson set up a website for online orders. As customers began ticking up, the whole family pulled together to keep MOKIPOPS afloat.

“We just started delivering,” Khan-Robinson says.

She and her husband drive their 10-year-old son to a customer’s address and he takes it from there.

“He … Read the rest

This Event Planner Generated Over $2 Million In Sales For Black Businesses During Pandemic

Memphis-based event planner Cynthia Daniels generated over $2 Million in Sales for Black-owned businesses during the pandemic.
Daniels exceeded her own expectations, to say the least. The evolution of what happened in 2020 was not a part of her master plan but it was truly a game-changer for many small businesses.

From Pennies to Profits

The pandemic impacted many Black-owned businesses. New and experienced entrepreneurs quickly saw sales plummet within days due to orders forcing brick-and-mortar operations to halt. Even Daniels had to cancel 10 large-scale events due to gathering restrictions imposed by COVID-19.
At first, Daniels was going to take the year off and plan to come back strong in 2021. But a few viral posts changed everything. In an effort to support other businesses, she started sharing social media posts of her favorite black-owned products during Mother’s Day weekend. Her posts were a success, leading to a quick
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How to Begin Writing Your Lead-Generating Non-Fiction Book

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Writing a book. It’s one of the most commonly held aspirations, yet is somehow perceived to be one of the most overwhelming and problematic roads to navigate. And when this life goal is coupled with the knowledge and recognition that a book can also mean huge business growth and enhanced levels of authority and status for business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, mentors, thought leaders and speakers (just to name a few), frustration can reach an all-time high when the pathway seems unclear.

All too often, this can mean that the ink of initial efforts has barely had time to dry before the writer gives up. This never fails to make my heart sink, because “I just don’t know where to start” is the main reason for people deciding against writing their book, despite it being

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Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving Fined $50,000 For Violating NBA COVID-19 Protocol

The NBA has fined Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving $50,000 for violating its COVID-19 protocol. He will also lose over $800,000 in pay for games missed due to having to quarantine. The organization released a statement regarding the events leading up to the penalty. 

“Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has been fined $50,000 for violating the league’s Health and Safety Protocols, which among other things prohibit attending indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar establishments” Byron Spruell, President, League Operations, announced on Jan.15. “The violation occurred when he attended a private indoor party last weekend.”

“Irving will forfeit salary for any games he misses due to his five-day quarantine period, which will allow him to return to team activities on Sat., Jan. 16 if he continues to test negative,” Spruell continued.


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