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The key enterprise means of a service organisation is to provide service on the level … Read the rest

A Guide To Performance Management

Great importance is now attached to performance management as companies incorporate it into their effective management strategies. However, many people find this process complicated, mainly because of the many choices it offers – for the organization, for a specific department/branch, for a product or service, and for employees, among others.

To minimize this confusion, the following points give you an overview of performance management and the activities involved in this process.

What is performance management?

Performance management is a process that enables managers and employees (supervised persons) to set common goals in relation to the overall goals of the organization by looking at employee performance.

Why is that important?

Performance management creates a framework for employees and their performance managers to evaluate and agree on specific issues and goals that fit into the overall structure of the organization. This allows both parties to have clear goals that will help … Read the rest

Test of Business


It’s important to have a good working environment with which you can be productive, happy and fulfilled. There are many benefits to investing in your mental health at work, including increased productivity, lower stress levels and more engagement with your colleagues.


Companies are a group of people who work together to make money. Companies can be big or small, public or private, for-profit or not for profit.

  • A company is an organization that has legal rights and duties under the corporate laws of its country. It’s usually owned by a group of people who share in the profits and bear responsibility for losses incurred by their investment.


Organisations can be for-profit, non-profit and government. They are the main entities that do business. An organisation is classified by its legal structure. For example, a company is an organisational type but it is not a legal entity until you … Read the rest