PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NEXT Insurance, the leading digital insurtech company transforming small business insurance, today announced it is participating in Amazon Insurance Accelerator, providing Amazon sellers looking to buy insurance with instant quotes at competitive rates, directly within Amazon Seller Central. NEXT is the only US-based carrier currently participating in the initiative, further building on its partnership with Amazon Business Prime, NEXT’s fully digital, customized e-commerce General Liability coverage also provides sellers with instant, automated Certificates of Insurance (COI) and seamless online claims resolution processes.

“The pandemic ushered in a tremendous amount of innovation and growth for small business e-commerce strategies and access to simple and affordable insurance to protect their livelihood is more important than ever,” said Guy Goldstein, CEO of NEXT. “NEXT’s digital insurance products are easily embedded into the software systems that small businesses regularly use to run their companies. Today, through Amazon Insurance Accelerator, sellers can seamlessly purchase NEXT’s affordable and customized insurance coverage for a simple, frictionless experience. We are excited to partner with Amazon to support small businesses in their quest to thrive.”

Amazon requires most third-party sellers carry commercial liability insurance in order to protect both customers and sellers. Through Amazon Insurance Accelerator, third-party sellers on Amazon will be referred to NEXT’s online application directly from their account. In 10 minutes or less, sellers can get a customized quote and bind a policy. NEXT automatically adds Amazon as an ‘additional insured’ and instantly emails COI information back to the seller, creating a simplified, no-worry insurance process that meets Amazon’s requirements. In the past, sellers would have to manually mail in COIs, but with this innovative NEXT feature, customers can experience the simplicity and ease of a truly digital experience so they can focus on what matters most – running their business.

To further support small business owners, NEXT is offering an exclusive 10% discount on General Liability insurance for Amazon third-party sellers. Learn more about how to partner with NEXT to help your customers access affordable, simple and fast small business insurance.

About NEXT Insurance:
NEXT Insurance is transforming small business insurance with simple, digital and affordable coverage tailored to the self-employed. Trusted by 250K business owners, NEXT offers policies that are easy to buy in 10 minutes or less and provides 24/7 access to Live Certificates of Insurance, Additional Insured, and more, with no extra fees. Revolutionizing a historically complicated insurance industry, NEXT utilizes AI and machine learning to simplify the purchasing process and drive down costs by up to 30% compared to traditional policies. Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto, has received a total of $881 million in venture capital funding and has been recognized two consecutive years by Forbes Fintech 50, JMP Securities InsurTech 50 and Forbes Best StartUp Employers. For more information visit Stay up to date on the latest with NEXT on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and our blog.

Kerry Ogata
Head of Communication
NEXT Insurance
[email protected]


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