40 Financial Statistics for 2020

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Finding Out What’s Next for Naturi Naughton and Tasha St. Patrick

Naturi Naughton is the definition of success. She has worked for everything she has been able to accomplish. She has built the drive, tenacity, and the wherewithal to be able to conquer in such challenging times. She has definitely stood the test of time in an industry that is forever changing. The businesswoman and the philanthropist that she has grown into is because she took the lemons that she was given and made lemonade. Black Enterprise had the opportunity to meet and speak with this powerhouse of a woman.


What do you have going on currently?

Well, preparing for the spin-off of Power, staying focused on my faith, being a good mother to my 3-year-old daughter, enhancing my relationships, and continuously working in my goals. I went back to my first love, which is my music; just finding my voice again. For the rest of the year, I … Read the rest

GoDaddy & Felons.io – The life of an unregistered domain

GoDaddy was accused of using customer domain search inquiries to register names for itself on September 17. These accusations are 100% false. This type of behavior is predatory, unethical, and goes against everything we stand for as a company.

To put any rumors or speculation to rest below is a fully transparent, play-by-play of what transpired with felons.io, including how often it was searched for and why it will be available for registration again in a few days.

GoDaddy search history for felons.io

Here are the recent results where felons.io appeared to customers in the search results page leading up to purchase on September 16, 2020:

*Search Query: This is the domain name or keyword customers searched for.
**Search Date: This is the date customers did their search.
***Suggestion type: Searches can appear in three different places. “Exact” means the customer searched for felons.io. “Suggested” means we recommended
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The Pandemic Has Taught Us All The Importance of Putting One Foot In Front of the Other

Walking provides something everyone needs right now: the chance to get out of our heads.

3 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Are you struggling to find the silver lining to the events of 2020? The pandemic and ensuing quarantine have beaten people up in different ways. Some of us suffer emotionally, some financially. But the light at the end of this tunnel might just be sitting between our ears. That is, our ability to rethink just about everything.

Employers are rethinking commercial real estate. Educators are rethinking classroom teaching. And many of us are rethinking our . More specifically, we’ve been reminded of how important it is to put one foot in front of the other.

Weird walkers don’t look so weird now

Before quarantine, walking was a form of exercise usually associated with moms doing laps around the cul

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The “Spaving” Trap: How 58% of Americans Wastefully Spend to Save

Americans’ lives have changed drastically this year, and so have their financial habits. As a result of widespread economic instability, it’s been reported that 64% of Americans claimed their spending choices would be permanently changed in the wake of COVID-19. Even if nationwide concern about saving is on the rise, it’s important for consumers to keep an eye out for common traps like “spaving” when they do go shopping.

Spaving is a term used to describe when people end up spending more money in an effort to maximize their savings. Some common scenarios include adding extra items to your cart to qualify for free shipping, or buying things in bulk even when you probably won’t use everything. Most advertisers are guilty of encouraging spaving, especially during the holiday season.

To find out who admits to spaving and to pinpoint how this tricky spending habit creeps into our budgets, we surveyed … Read the rest

White Utah Police Officer Charged With Felony Assault After Ordering Police Dog to Attack Black Man Who Had His Hands Up

Earlier this year in Utah, on April 24, as a Black man was being arrested with his hands raised as commanded by a white police officer, the officer ordered his K-9 dog to attack and bite the man. That white police officer has been charged with second-degree felony assault for his actions prosecutors announced earlier this week, according to USA Today.

The Salt Lake City District Attorney’s office has charged Salt Lake City officer Nickolas Pearce with aggravated assault stemming from the April 24 incident in which the police officer was responding to a domestic dispute call when he ordered his dog to bite Jeffery Ryans.

In August, bodycam footage of the video was released of the April incident that shows Ryans in his backyard as Pearce approaches with his dog.

“Get on the ground!” Pearce says. “Get on the ground or you’re gonna get bit.”

Several moments … Read the rest

How to Achieve Holistic Health and Fitness While Quarantined

Five practical tips from experts to feel good and stay strong.

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4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Months of quarantine have disrupted all of our wellness routines. As gyms faced closures and everyone was forced to remain in their homes to protect , many people found that their holistic health took a bit of a back seat. N​ot only did people’s workouts suffer, but many of us turned to comfort food, alcohol and other less-than-stellar choices in lieu of not having much to do. Restaurants switched to takeout-only services, and a lot of us found we were indulging more often than usual. Fortunately, our health and fitness routines are salvageable. 

To that end, I recently spoke with two wellness experts — renowned yoga instructor Brett Larkin

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Business vs. personal credit cards — How to choose your best option

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an endorsement or advice from GoDaddy on any subject matter.

For business owners, understanding business vs. personal credit cards is key. It isn’t just a matter of using one credit card for your personal life and another for your business expenses. These are two different products that can have major economic and legal implications for your business.

That being said, it’s understandable if you have questions. Many of us do, including: Can you use your personal credit card for business purposes, or vice versa? What kind of protection or benefits does a business credit card offer? Why can’t you just use the same credit card for everything in your life?

Let’s break down the key differences between business and personal credit cards. We’ll discuss each type of card, what you typically … Read the rest