Effective Use of Keywords For SEO

Keywords are very important in SEO.

Keywords are words or phrases that search engines use to match web pages with search queries. It is important to optimize your website with strategic keywords to maximize targeted traffic. You use keywords in your onpage and offpage optimization.

First, choose a domain name that contains your best keywords. For example, if your best keyword phrase is “Business Information,” you should choose a domain name that includes that phrase. Therefore, you can choose a domain like “dragonflydoces.com”.

Use your keywords in the title tag and description tag. The description tag should make sense and entice users to visit your site when they see the description in search engines.

Your keywords should also be used in your H1 tag. Distribute the keywords throughout your page’s content with a keyword density between 3% and 7%. Avoid overuse of keywords. Most SEO experts believe that overusing keywords … Read the rest