Some things you should look out for during an SEO consultation. First, the consultant should be willing to provide you with a list of past and current clients. A reputable SEO consultant will share their clients. Vanessa Fox is the author of Marketing in the Age of Google and the founder of Nine By Blue, a Seattle-based SEO software provider.

Dos and don’ts

There are many different SEO methods, and following the rules is imperative to having a successful campaign. However, ranking factors have changed regularly, and some techniques have been rendered obsolete.  the tips in this link,,  can help you create a successful strategy.

During the consultation, don’t start with a sales pitch. Instead, provide your SEO consultant with what your website is doing well. Avoid criticizing your competitor and pointing out your own mistakes. It will help the SEO consultant determine the best strategy for your website.


SEO consultations can range in price greatly depending on your needs and the company’s level of experience you choose. The most common pricing structure goes up as the organization’s needs increase. Companies in this price range often automate link building, use offshore labor to create content, and do very little on-site technical work. However, you should consider the value you’ll receive for the money you’ll spend.

If your budget is limited, you can opt for freelancers and agencies. However, it is recommended to stick to a budget. Some SEO agencies charge several thousands of dollars per month. The fees vary, and the final amount depends on the scope of your strategy. If your website needs a full strategy, it’s worth paying a little extra. But keep in mind that you can get great service for a fraction of that amount.

Payment terms

When hiring an SEO consultant, clearly define your payment terms. Typically, SEO consultants charge hourly rates for their services, but you may also want to discuss contract pricing and payment models. The contract should also include payment terms for incidental SEO costs. In addition, it should state whether you can pay for the consultation via a monthly retainer or on a performance-based basis. Some SEO consultants offer both hourly rates and performance-based fees.

ccommunication style

Communication styles

One of the most critical factors when evaluating a company’s SEO consultant is communication style. Many SEO firms have several people working on a project, and each one may have a slightly different approach to communicating with a client. If communication is inconsistent or nonexistent, the project could get frustrated and have many unanswered questions. Your SEO consultant should be able to communicate with you via any mode that is convenient to you. This includes emails, phone calls, texting, or Skype. You should also inquire about the frequency of communication, such as when you can expect status updates, expect to see results, and whether you can pay via PayPal. If contact is problematic, you should consider another candidate. When comparing candidates, ask about their communication style and customer service standards.


One of the most important metrics is ROI when it comes to search engine optimization. However, ROI can be hard to calculate, as every business has different goals and thinks differently about success. Similarly, companies vary in budgets and may not have an allocated budget for digital marketing. To find out how SEO affects ROI, consider these tips. Then, you can find out which of the following strategies are best for your business. If you’re unsure, start by contacting an SEO agency. A consultant can help you figure out how to calculate the ROI.

An excellent way to measure ROI is to connect your links and the search engine referral traffic that leads to your website. Once you’ve done this, you can calculate your ROI. Many people pair Google Analytics with other software to better view their ROI. After all, it’s free! If you’re interested in analyzing SEO ROI, don’t be afraid to ask questions and gather data. The answers may surprise you.